History Degree Program in China - History

1. Introduction

History is a form of knowledge of human beings' screening and combination of their historical materials. History is a dynamic space concept in the static time.

Broad sense of history is the unity of "history has two meanings", including: completely independent from the people's awareness of human past social objective existence and development process; historian on the objective existence and the course of its rules to describe and explore the practice of spirit production and created products. The latter refers to the narrow sense of the history, is a unity of spiritual production practice and belongs to ideological creation of something.

2. Historical Theories

Due to different inspection perspectives and the starting points by historians, there are different definitions: "activities" theory, "knowledge" or "academic" theory, "knowledge system" theory, "science" theory, "art" theory and the theory of "the half is scientific, half is art", "integration" theory and so on.

3. Main Courses

General history of China, general history of the world, introduction to historiography, China historiography, western historiography, archaeology, history, geography, ancient Chinese, the Chinese and foreign history and culture of the original code reading and selected readings, Chinese dynastic history (from the pre-Qin Dynasty to the contemporary era), the special history (economic history, social history, political system history, ideological and cultural history, etc.), world each main country and regional history (the United States, Britain, France, Japan, Germany, Russia etc., in Latin America, Africa, Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and other regions), the history of foreign relations.

4. Practice Teaching

The main practical teaching: including visit, social investigation and social welfare activities, the general arrangement is about 10 weeks.

5. Training Objectives

History requires the students to learn the basic knowledge of the history of the world, understand the basic general history and the history of the world, the research methods of the whole human civilization, accept basic training in theory of historiography, history and historical geography, international politics, international economics, international relations, science, cultural anthropology and other aspects.

6. Training Requirements

The students mainly study basic theory and basic knowledge of history of science, receive basic training in Chinese history and world history of the development of basic historical facts and historical research, and possess the basic ability required to be engaged in professional work.

7. Knowledge and Ability

1). Master the basic theory and basic knowledge of history, and have a certain understanding of the relevant subjects of social science, human science and natural science;

2). Master the basic research methods and analytical methods of history;

3). with the ability to engage in historical research and strong oral and written skills;

4). Familiar with ancient Chinese characters, edition and bibliography, phonology, historical science, history, geography and archaeology and other aspects basic knowledge;

5). understand the history of the field of view of the academic front and the development of dynamic trends;

6). Master the basic method and skills in literature search, data query.

8. Employment Prospect

Research institutions, government agencies, press and publication departments, schools, cultural enterprises and other industries

9. Similar Programs

World history, archaeology, museology, ethnology, cultural relics protection technology


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