Medical Degree Program in China - Hospital Management

 1. Introduction

Hospital Management studies management activities of the planning, organization, coordination, control to human, financial, material, information, time and other resources in accordance with the objective laws of hospital work; using modern management theory and methods, giving full play to the overall operational function, to achieve the best comprehensive benefits.
Hospital management studies and illustrates the nature and law of hospital management activities by using the theory and methods of modern management. Hospital management is not only related to medical science, but also related to other natural science and social science. It is a branch of management; it is an applied science and also a frontier science.
2. Program System
The program system of hospital management can be divided into two parts: comprehensive theory and application management. The comprehensive theory mainly studies the principle, function and method of hospital management and introduction to hospitals, namely, general introduction of hospital management. Application management mainly studies the interconnected and different discipline management in hospital system, that is, the theory of hospital management.
3. Management Software
Special management software for equipment department
Entry and exit examination and vaccination software
Health examination software
Inspection system software
Digital medical imaging
Drugs and toll collection software
Electronic medical record software
Primary medical management software
Health management software
Medical information exchange software
Health information dump publication
4. Management Positions
Position is the cell of the hospital, position management is the most basic and most core management of hospital, with the change from identity management to position management of medical institutions, the hospital position management is getting more and more attention of managers. Performance evaluation is an important part of performance management, and also the main basis for the distribution of performance pay.
Hospital "3M + 3S" human oriented operating system includes two parts: the external operating system of the hospital and the internal operating system of the hospital:
Hospital internal operating system
Employee centered internal operating system, including:
CM-Hospital Culture Management
SM- Hospital Strategy Management
HRM- Hospital Human Resource Management, hospital human resource management is the center of hospital internal management.
Hospital external operating system
Customer centered external operating system, including:
(1) CS- Hospital Customer Satisfaction
(2) MS- Hospital Marketing System
(3) HIS- Hospital Image System

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