Huangshan University

Why Study at Huangshan University, China

Brief Introduction 

Huangshan University is located in Huangshan, Anhui province, a picturesque region famous for tourist attractions, including two UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage sites, the Huangshan Mountains and the ancient villages of Xidi and Hongcun. The Huangshan Mountains and the rich regional Huizhou culture make this land wondrous.  Continuing development is of the utmost importance to the university as it strives to grow as a characteristic high-level applied science education institution and serve the community relying on the profound resources of tourism, ecology and regional culture. 

After many years of experience, the university has developed the following characteristics: enriching students’ social experience by utilizing Huizhou culture; utilizing home-stay programs and summer camps to establish an international student educational rapport; and ensuring the quality of international students’ education by means of small-class sizes and one-on-one tutoring. 

While studying at Huangshan University you will experience the marvelous natural beauty of China and the profound Chinese traditional culture. Huangshan University welcomes you in the spirit of hospitality.

1. History 

Huangshan University formerly known as Anhui labor University Huizhou Normal Junior College which was formed in 1978, then successfully upgraded as a comprehensive provincial ordinary undergraduate university and changed its name into Huangshan University  in 2002. In 2004, HSU was granted the construction project of “the revitalization of higher education - local application oriented high level university in Anhui province”.

2. Discipline and programs 

Huangshan University consists of 16 schools and 2 departments, and offers 57 majors that include art, science, economy, pedagogy, engineering, agronomy, management, law, and literature. Tourism management, environmental science, and Huizhou culture research are the school’s three major disciplines. These programs benefit from the domestic resources and the advantages of being in a culturally rich region. 

Huangshan University has 2 national characteristic specialty construction spots, 4 provincial characteristic specialty construction spots, 5 School-level characteristic specialty construction spots, 1 national specialty comprehensive reform pilot, 6 provincial specialty comprehensive reform pilots, 4 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers and 5 provincial quality courses.

3. Academic faculty and Scientific research 

As part of the university’s commitment to providing high-quality education, Huangshan University has taken great efforts to build a well-structured and qualified faculty of teachers. Among the 903 teaching and administrative members, 759 of them are full-time teachers, including about 200 professors and associate professors, many holding doctoral degrees. In addition, the University also engages long-term foreign experts and a number of part-time professors from famous universities. 

Following the University Scientific Research Conference, Huangshan University has been perfecting the research management system and heightening teacher awareness concerning research projects and the importance of teamwork to accomplish efficient reorganization of Huangshan University’s researchers. Much has been done to enhance the management of school-level research projects and to make breakthroughs in the application of province-level research projects so as to improve the quality of academic achievement. The university has also established a number of featured research organizations such as the Hui Culture Academy and has strengthened their management. In addition, it has been supporting the development of special and superior scientific research items and encouraging students to take part in scientific research activities.

According to the requirements of evaluation criteria, the University has been promoting teaching quality projects, and enhancing the momentum for laboratory construction and reference materials collection in the hope of improving teaching and research conditions. It has also been implementing programs on major construction that helped to further optimize and reorganize the structure of teaching resources and to pool forces to support and set up a number of key subjects with distinguishing features. Meanwhile, the University has done a good job of optimizing course structure and offering key and qualified courses. In addition, it has intensified the practice training aiming at enforcing students’ practice and innovative capacity.    

4. Great achievements 

Since its establishment, the University has graduated more than 50,000 students. Graduates are noted for their professionalism and their all-around competence in their selected vocational field. The employment rate of Huangshan University ranks among the highest of all colleges and universities of the same level throughout the province. We are awarded the title of Anhui college Advanced Unit on Graduates’ Employment for 5 times and Anhui Model Unit on Graduates’ Employment for 3 times. Media like CCTV, China Education Report and Anhui Daily have reported the graduate’s employment work, which even attract the research of State Council. 

Huangshan University emphasizes an administration that employs democracy and an education that encourages wholeheartedness. Huangshan University is home to many outstanding achievements and honors. Among them, it has been honored as an Advanced State University, the Advanced State Unit for Spoken and Written Language Standardization, The Official Mandarin Language and Chinese Culture Dissemination Center of Anhui Province, the Provincial Advanced Unit for Excellent Grass-root Party Organization, the Provincial Advanced University, and University for the Promotion of Social and Spiritual Values. The campus has been cited as a Garden-like Unit and achieved an excellent status in the first provincial teaching appraisal.

5. Communication and international cooperation 

Huangshan University has established sister school relationships with 25 Schools and institutes from around the world, including the U.S., France, Germany, South Korea, Holland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Dozens of international students and teachers have come to the university each year as a result of transfer student, dual degree, and faculty exchange programs. Huangshan University began enrolling international students in 2006, dozens of international students and teachers have come to the university each year as a result of transfer student, dual degree, and faculty exchange programs.




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