Huaqiao University

Canteens in Huaqiao University, China

Huaqiao University has about 10 dining halls on the campus, the school was famous for all kinds of dishes and high quality of the meals. These canteens include The First Restaurant, The Second Restaurant, Xiyuan restaurant, Halal restaurant and so on. Among them, the Second Restaurant has been rated as National Top 100 Universities Canteen. Based on those canteens, students can have a wide choices with many types of different dishes, local delicacies or flavour snacks. Every canteen has its own specialty, just like local delicacies of The first restaurant, popular student fast food of The second restaurant, exotic food of The third restaurant. Besides, Muslim canteen is suitable for students of halal eating habits. Huaqiao University really provides an excellent eating environment and many options for students so that each student may has an unforgettable  canteen after their graduations.

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