Medical Degree Program in China - Human Anatomy

Human anatomy is a science which studies the normal form and structure of human body, which belongs to the category of biological science. In the medical field, it is a very important basic curriculum, its task is to reveal the morphological and structural characteristics of various body systems and organs, organs and structures adjacent to and affiliation, in order to further study the subsequent course of basic medical and clinical medicine courses lay the foundation. Human anatomy is a compulsory subject in art, music, sports, science, forensic psychology, funeral and other disciplines.

Learning the purpose of human anatomy is to understand and master the basic knowledge of the morphology and structure of the human body system organs, to learn other basic medicine and clinical medicine to lay the necessary morphological foundation. Medical science learning to follow the "step by step" principle: the first is form, after is the function of metabolism; the first normal, after the pathology; and then gradually involved in clinical problems. Only a correct understanding of the morphological structure of normal human body in order to fully understand the physiological, biochemical and pathological changes, so as to understand and master the occurrence of disease, development, the clinical features, diagnosis and treatment, the precautionary principle. Human anatomy is an introductory course in the study and research of medicine. It is an important basic medical course. It is a required course for the study of Chinese medicine and Western medicine.

Human anatomy is a morphological science, intuitive and very strong, more than nouns, description is its characteristics. Therefore, in the process of learning to make full use of all kinds of specimens, models, pictures and other visual props, multi look, multimode, think more, to deepen the understanding of morphological knowledge and master. In addition, the study of human anatomy has the evolution of the point of view, the local and the overall unity of view, form and function of a unified point of view, the theory of contact with the actual point of view. Only in this way  we can fully understand and grasp the morphology and structure of the human body, in order to learn the basic medical courses of human anatomy.


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