Medical Degree Program in China - Human Pathology

Human Pathology is a basic medical science to study the cause, mechanism and development rules of human diseases, as well as the body’s morphology and structure, changes of functional mechanism and the lesion prognosis. Because of this, pathology is regarded as the "bridge subject"of basic medicine and clinical medicine, fully demonstrating its irreplaceable important role in medicine, which is decided by the the nature and the task of pathology.

Disease is an extremely complex process. Under the interaction of pathogenic factors and the response of the body, the morphological structure, metabolism and function of the diseased body will be changed, which is the important basis for the research and understanding of the disease. Task of Pathology is using various methods to study the reason of disease, disease development process under pathogeny and the body function in the disease process, changes of metabolic and morphological structure, expounded the essence, so as to understand and grasp the rules of the occurrence and development of diseases, provide necessary theoretical basis for the prevention and cure of diseases. 

Pathology includes the general theory and two interconnected parts, the former is study the common basic rule of various diseases, the latter is study the special rules of each organ or organ system disease.


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Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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