Medical Degree Program in China - Image Diagnostics

Image Diagnostics is a professional course in imaging technology. The main contents include the nature and method of image diagnosis, the normal imaging performance of various systems, the basic imaging performance of various system diseases and the imaging manifestations of common diseases and so on.

Main Course:

Physics, basic electronics, computer principle and interface, structure and maintenance of image equipment, medical imaging technology, photography, human anatomy, diagnosis, medicine, diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine, medical imaging anatomy, radiation oncology, B mode ultrasound in the diagnosis of learn.

Training Target:

 Students can be engaged in the medical imaging diagnosis including conventional radiology, CT, MRI, DSA, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, imaging, etc, senior medical professionals in interventional radiology and medical imaging technology and other aspects of the work

Employment Prospects:

Graduates will be engaged in clinical medical imaging diagnosis or radiation therapy or medical education and medical research, but also can be engaged in medical imaging diagnosis and interventional radiology, nuclear medicine imaging technology and other aspects of the work in the medical and health units


2024 Admission is opening !

Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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