Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities

Admission at Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities, China for International Education

Bachelor Degree/Undergraduate Programs 

Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities admits foreign students in specialties: Mongolian Language and Literature, Chinese Language and Literature, Journalism, History, Laws, Tourism Management, Educational Technology, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Technology, Information and Computing Science, Physics, Agricultural Mechanization and Automation, Science and Technology of Electronic Information, Machine Design and Manufacturing & Automation, Chemistry, Material Chemistry, Agriculture, Practaculture Science, Biotechnology, Agricultural Resources and Environment, Garden, Animal Science, Food Science and Engineering, Editing & Publishing Science, Sports Education, Social Sports, Fine Arts, Musicology, Art & Design, English, Japanese, Marketing Management, Psychology, Russian, Economics, Ideological and Political Education, International Economy and Trade, Radio and TV Editing & Directing, Applied Physics, Plant Protection, Aquaculture, Gardening, Music Performance, Applied Chemistry, Biochemistry, Sports Training, Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Electronic Information Engineering, Pedagogy, Material Molding and Controlling, Social Work, Food Quality and Safety, Network Engineering, Ethnology, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Hotel Management, Martial Arts and Traditional Ethnic Sports, Software Engineering, Finance Management, Dance Studies, Administration Management, Preschool Education.

1. Applicant Qualification

(1). In good health; non-Chinese passport holder

(2). Applicants must be at the age between 18-35 years old, and have attained a senior high school diploma. 

(3). Good English proficiency for English Medium programs.

2. Application Materials:

(1) Application Form;

(2) Scan copy of the highest diploma, which should be certified in Chinese or English;

(3) Scan copy of certified official academic transcripts;

(4) Scan copy of your valid passport;

(5) Scan copy of Physical Examination form. Your photograph is required on the form;

(6) Scan copy of no criminal record document issued by your country, including original text and the translated text.

(7) Scan copy of CV

(8) 8 recent photos (passport size)

3. Duration and Tuition Fees: 

All undergraduate programs at Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities take 5 years.  

Tuition fee is 14,000 CNY per year. 

4. Intake Every Year:

September Intake



The final information is subject to the University If there is any discrepancy!