Jiangsu University School of Medicine

Accommodation in Jiangsu University School of Medicine, China

Jiangsu University School of Medicine provides international students on-campus accommodation named Overseas Exchange Building (OEB) and the dormitory executes Hotel Style management. The dormitory supplies international students with double rooms (Room with two beds). Two students share a room and the roommate could be assigned by the University or chosen by the international student after reaching the University. Separate floor accommodations are provided for male and female. There are rules and regulations for accommodation, students shall read carefully after reaching the University. The Logistic Service Group takes responsibility for the international students’ accommodation and holds the service concept of “People foremost, Be realistic and pragmatic”. International students will enjoy the perfect accommodation in Jiangsu University School of Medicine.

Overseas Exchange Building equips with furniture, telephone, air conditioning, internet, hot water, toilet, kitchen, public utilities and washing machines. There will be staff in charge of cleaning public area.
Students are required to pay the electricity, water and internet they use.
The final information is subject to the University If there is any discrepancy!