Jilin Normal University

Why Study at Jilin Normal University, China

Jilin Normal University (JLNU),  founded in 1958, is a key university in Jilin Province. It is located in Siping City. The campus covers an area of 920.000 square meters. The university serves as the main institution in providing higher education for teachers in Jilin province. A training center for provincial teachers at all levels has also been established. At present, there are 22 colleges, two teaching sections, seven teaching centers and 22 research units. 43 courses of study for four-year programs and 37 courses for Master degrees are offered. 87 laboratories are available for different research and the library has 1.56 million volumes. The diverse student population has an enrollment of over 25,000, over 13,325 of which are full time.

(1) History 
Jilin Normal University (JLNU) was founded on September 15, 1958, when the school was called Siping normal college. At the beginning of the school, there are only 29 teaching staff and 285 students, majoring in Chinese, Mathematics, Land and Political history. Without its own school building, the college began its way of running the school on the second floor of Siping first school’s west building (students dormitory). In 1960, Siping normal college began to recruit 129 undergraduate students of the first four-year system. In September of the same year, the schoolhouse was moved to the new site. Within the next month, Siping normal school was transferred from princess ling to siping normal college, with a total of 1070 students and 184 faculty and staff. In 1973, upon approval by the superior, Siping normal school upgraded t Siping normal college. On March 21, 2002, approved by the Ministry of Education, Siping normal college changed its name to Jilin Normal University.     
(2) Discipline and programs
To date Jilin Normal University has 22 schools and departments, there are 63 undergraduate majors covering literature, history, law, education, science, engineering, art, management, and economics. Jilin Normal University has 1 Doctoral degree program, 108 Master’s degree programs, 8 provincial-level advantage special key disciplines, including 3 provincial level 1 disciplines. At the same time, the school has 6 Master degree empowerment point. By February, 2017, the university has one national comprehensive reform pilot program, 5 national characteristic professional construction point. One National teacher education resources sharing high-quality goods project course, 2 state-level high-quality goods video public courses, 1 national experimental teaching demonstration center, 1 national university students off-campus practice base, 1 national teacher team construction demonstration projects.
(3) Academic facilities and Scientific research 
Jilin Normal University campus covers an area of 920.000 square meters, a training center for provincial teachers at all levels has also been established. At present, there are two teaching sections, seven teaching centers and 22 research units. 87 laboratories are available for different research and the library has 1.56 million volumes. School library has a building area of 28858 square meters, the paper books has a collection of 228.19 million volumes, the subject category is complete and the number of books are increasing year by year. In recent five years, it has undertaken more than 1300 scientific research projects of the state, provincial (ministry) and department level. Among them, the host 2 country 863 program project and 2 cooperation, host 54 national natural science project, host 23 national social science program items. Published more than 220 academic monograph, textbook.
(4) Jilin Normal University Achievement
JLNU is a key university in Jilin province. It is selected as an excellent teacher training program of the ministry of education. It is the training center for high school backbone teachers in Jili province, the university teacher training center and teacher education research center. The school hosts a total of 385 provincial-level scientific research projects, including Jilin provincial science and technology department, Jilin provincial social science program, ministry of education science and technology, humanities and social sciences planning, etc. There are more than 5,450 academic papers published by the teachers. Among them, there are more than 630 papers including SCI, and CSSCI includes more than 310 journals. It has applied for more than 100 national invention patents and obtained 45 authorized items, and has won over 60 scientific research prizes at provincial and ministerial level.
(5) Communication and international cooperation
JLNU has established friendly relationship with 15 countries and more than 70 universities and scientific research institutions in Taiwan area. It has conducted extensive and in-depth cooperation in the fields of teacher-student exchange, academic exchange, foreign students education, Chinese promotion and cooperative education. The school is the director unit of the Confucius institute at the education department of Jilin province and the st. cloud state university in the United States, and one Confucius classroom was set up at rice primary school in the American city of socklepize. The school has signed a formal cooperation agreement with the university of incheon of South Korea, the academy of social sciences of Jilin province and the northern liquid crystal engineering center.
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