Jingchu University of Technology

Why Study at Jingchu University of Technology, China

Jingchu University of Technology located in Jingmen city, the famous historical and cultural city of hubei province and it has a history of 30 years of higher education. The university is also located under the white dragon mountain with beautiful scenery and profound culture history.   

(1) History
Jingchu University of Technology was founded in 1956, formerly known as Jingmen vocational and technical college. In 1970, the school begin to run jointly with the original Wuhan unversity, the former Beijing foreign language institute and the former Wuhan normal college. By the year of 2001, approved by the ministry of education, it was renamed Shayang teachers college. In March 2007, Jingmen vocational and technical college and Shayang teachers college are merged to Jingchu University of Technology.
(2) Discipline and program
Jingchu University of Technology consists of 14 teaching schools (departments), as well as Professional and adult education college and International education college. The school opens 37 undergraduate majors and 13 sepcialized subjects. Eight disciplines of the university cover science, engineering, agronomy, medicine, literature, pedagogy, management and art. Food science and engineering is provincial key discipline, and Chemicla engineering and technology is provincial characteristic discipline. Jingchu University of Technology covering a total area of over 2200 mu with more than 14000 full-time students.
(3) Academic Facilities and Scientific Research
Jingchu University of Technology covering a total area of over 2200 mu with more than 14000 full-time students. The total value of teaching and scientific equipment is over 70 million yuan, campus internet covers all teaching, scientific research, office area and students dormitory. Jingchu University of Technology has built 90 out campus practice training bases and one affiliated hospital. The school has one provincial key laboratory, one provincial humanities and social sciences research base, and three provincial research platforms. Besides, shcool has won third prize of provincial science and technology progress, and more than 20 science research projects.
(4) Great Achievement
Jingchu University of Technology has been awarded national conservation-oriented public institutition model unit, pingan campus of hubei province and other honorary titles. In 2014, the school became the first pilot school of transformation and development in hubei province. In 2015, school became the only “Ministry of education-Zhongxing communication ICT production and education integration innovation base” in hubei province, which was built by the ministry of education. The university won 55 awards for science and technology, social science achievement.
(5) Communication and International Cooperation
Jingchu University of Technology actively engages in international exchanges and cooperative education. The school has developed academic cooperation relationships and exchange with several foreign schools including West Australia institute of technology, Herzing University, East Asia Institute of Management, University of adamson, etc. At present, there are more and more international students studying at Jingchu University of Technology.
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