Lanzhou Jiaotong University

Programs in Lanzhou Jiaotong University, China

1. Bachelor Degree/Undergraduate Programs: 

- Duration: 4-5 years

Details please read at Bachelor Degree Programs
(1) Traffic & Transportation
(2) Traffic Engineering
(3) Information Management and Information System
(4) Logistics
(5) Environmental Science
(6) Environmental Engineering
(7) Water Supply and Drainage Engineering
(8) Building Environment & Energy Application Engineering 
(9) Engineering Costs
(10)Civil Engineering
(11)Hydraulic and Hydroelectric Engineering
(12)Engineering Management
(13)Engineering Mechanics
(14)Railway Engineering
(15)Road, Bridge and River-crossing Engineering
(16)Material Science and Engineering
(17)Electrical Engineering & Automation
(18)Material Forming and Controlling Engineering
(19)Vehicle Engineering
(20)Measuring & Control Technology and Instruments
(21)Energy and Power Engineering
(22)Mechatronic Engineering
(23)Industrial Engineering
(24)Electrical Engineering & Automation
(26)Rail Transit Signal and Control
(27)International Economics & Trade
(28)Business Administration
(31)Financial Management
(32)Information and Computing Science
(33)Applied Physics
(35)English Language and Literature
(36)French Language and Literature
(37)Spanish Language and Literature
(38)Arabic Language and Literature
(39)Portuguese Language and Literature
(40)Chemical Engineering and Technology
(41)Biological Engineering
(42)Applied Chemistry
(43)Processing Equipment and Controlling Engineering
(45)Urban and Rural Planning
(46)Visual Communication Design
(47)Environmental Design
(48)Project Design
(51)Electronic Information Engineering
(52)Communication Engineering
(53)Computer Science and Technology
(54)Electronic Science and Technology
(55)Internet of Things Engineering
(56)Software Engineering
(57)Remote Sensing Science and Technology
(58)Survey Engineering
(59)Geographical Information Science
(60)Chinese Language and Literature
(61)Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages
2.Master Degree/Graduate programs:
-Duration:3 years
Details please read at Master Degree Programs
(1)System Engineering
(2)Traffic & Transportation Planning and Management
(4)Traffic and Transportation Engineering 
(5)Safety Engineering
(6)Logistics Engineering
(7)Management Science and Engineering
(8)Information Management and Information System
(10)Fluid Mechanics
(11)Municipal Engineering 
(12)Heating   &   Gas   Supply,   Ventilation   and   Air Conditioning Engineering
(13)Hydrology and Water Resources 
(14)Environmental Science
(15)Environmental Engineering
(16)Architecture and Civil Engineering 
(17)Solid Mechanics
(18)Engineering Mechanics
(19)Geotechnical Engineering
(20)Structural Engineering
(21)Disaster-proof and Protective Engineering
(22)Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
(23)Civil Engineering Material and Structure
(24)Civil Engineering Construction and Management
(25)Water Conveyance Structure Engineering
(26)Hydraulics and River Dynamics
(27)Hydraulic Structure Engineering
(28)Hydraulic and Hydroelectric Engineering
(29)Highway and Railway Engineering
(30)Architecture and Civil Engineering 
(31)Traffic and Transportation Engineering
(32)Mechanical Manufacturing & Automation
(33)Machine Design & Theory
(34)Vehicle Engineering
(35)Industrial Design
(36)Rail  Transit  Equipment  Materials  and  Application Engineering
(37)Material Physics and Chemistry
(38)Material Science
(39)Materials Processing Technology
(40)Engineering Thermal Physics
(41)Thermal Energy Engineering
(42)Power Machinery and Engineering
(43)Fluid Machinery and Engineering
(44)Refrigeration and Cryogenics Engineering
(45)Chemical Process Machinery
(46)Measurement Technology & Automatic Equipment
(47)Vehicle Operation Engineering
(48)Power Engineering
(49)Vehicle Engineering
(50)Traffic   Equipment   Detection   and   Controlling Engineering
(51)Electric Machines and Appliances
(52)Electric Power System and Automation
(53)High Voltage and Insulation Technology
(54)Power Electronics & Transmission
(55)Electrician Theory and New Technology
(56)Control Theory & Control Engineering
(57)Measurement Technology & Automatic Equipment
(58)Pattern Recognition & Intelligent System
(59)Traffic Information Engineering & Control
(60)Rail Transit Electric Automation
(61)Electrical Engineering
(62)Control Engineering
(63)Traffic and Transportation Engineering
(64)Industrial Economics
(65)Enterprise Management
(66)Master of Professional Accounting 
(67)Fundamental Mathematics
(68)Computational Mathematics
(69)Probability & Mathematical Statistics
(70)Applied Mathematics
(71)Operational Research and Cybernetics
(73)Material Physics and Chemistry
(74)Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
(75)Inorganic Chemistry
(77)Chemical Engineering
(78)Chemical Technology
(79)Biochemical Engineering
(80)Applied Chemistry
(81)Industrial Catalysis
(82)Environmental Chemical Engineering
(83)Chemical Engineering
(84)Urban and Rural Planning
(85)Industrial Design
(86)Traffic Landscape Design
(87)Painting Art 
(88)Master of Art and Design
(89)Physical Electronics
(90)Circuits and System
(91)Microelectronic and Solid Electronics
(92)Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology
(93)Communication and Information System
(94)Signal and Information Processing
(95)Computer System Organization
(96)Computer Software and Theory
(97)Computer Application Technology
(98)Internet of Things Technology and Application
(99)Intelligent  Transportation  and  Information  System Engineering
(100)Transportation Internet of Things Engineering
(101)Rail Transit Communication Engineering
(102)Software Engineering
(103)Electronics and Communication Engineering
(104)Computer Technology
(105)Software Engineering
(106)Inorganic Chemistry
(107)Green Coating Technology and Equipment
(108)Material Physics and Chemistry
(109)Communication and Information System
(110)Control Theory & Control Engineering
(111)Computer Applied Technology
(112)Traffic Information Engineering & Control
(113)Computer Technology
(114)Measuring and Testing Technologies and Instruments
(115)Vehicle Operation Engineering
(116)Physical Geography
(117)Human Geography
(118)Cartology and Geographical Information Systems
(119)Geographical Condition Monitoring
(120)Traffic Information on Surveying and Mapping
(121)Resource and Environmental Remote Sensing
(122)Architecture and Civil Engineering
(123)Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages
3.Doctor’s Degree/ doctoral programs:
Duration: 3 years
Details please read at  Doctor’s Degree Programs
(1)Traffic & Transportation Planning and Management
(3)Management Science and Engineering 
(4)Information Management and Information System 
(5)Municipal Engineering
(6)Environmental Science and Engineering 
(7)Resource and Environmental Remote Sensing
(8)Geotechnical Engineering
(9)Structural Engineering
(10)Disaster-proof and Protective Engineering
(11)Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
(12)Civil Engineering Material and Structure
(13)Civil Engineering Construction and Management
(14)Highway and Railway Engineering
(15)Mechanical Manufacturing & Automation
(16)Mechanical Engineering
(17)Vehicle Engineering
(18)Rail Transit Equipment Materials and Application Engineering
(19)Vehicle Operation Engineering
(20)Transportation Equipments and Internet of Things Technology
(21)Traffic Equipment Detection and controlling Engineering
(22)Traffic Information Engineering & Control
(23)Rail Transit Communication Engineering
(24)Environmental and Chemical Engineering
(25)Intelligent Transportation and Information System Engineering
(26)Transportation Internet of Things Engineering
(27)Rail Transit Communication Engineering
(28)Green Coating Technology and Equipment
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