Lanzhou University of Technology

Why Study at Lanzhou University of Technology, China

Lanzhou University of Technology is situated in the capital of Gansu province-Lanzhou under the leadership of The Ministry of Education of the people's Republic of China, the Bureau of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense and the people's Government of Gansu Province. It is listed into The Ministry of Education's "excellent engineer Program" and "College students innovative Experimental Program". Its predecessor was Gansu Provincial Institute of Technology in 1919. In 1958, Gansu Jiaotong University was incorporated into Gansu University of Technology on the basis of the establishment of Lanzhou Institute of Technology. The university has Lan Gongping, Pengjiaping (West) two campus covering an area of 2,430 mu with 2309 staff, including 1412 full-time teachers; There are 27,075 full-time students


In May 1919, Gansu Provincial Administration established Gansu Technical School and appointed Niu Zakun as its first principal. On November 26, 1952, with the approval of the Ministry of Education of the Northwest military Administration Committee, the school was renamed Lanzhou Industrial School of Gansu Province under the leadership of the Industrial Department of Gansu Province. In September, the CPC Gansu Provincial Committee and the Provincial people's Committee decided to merge Gansu Jiaotong University into Lanzhou Institute of Technology and set up Gansu University of Technology, which was officially named in October. April 2003, through the Ministry of Education, Approved by the people's government of Gansu province, the name of the school was changed to Lanzhou university of technology. In June 2016, the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense jointly awarded the license plate to Lanzhou University of Technology at the "National Defense Science, Technology and Industry Innovation Conference" and "National Defense Science and Technology Innovation Base and characteristic discipline Symposium"; In March 2017, the school was selected to the "Chinese National Defense Education characteristic Colleges"

(2)Discipline and programs

Lanzhou University of Technology has 19 schools, one teaching and research department, with Wenzhou graduate school. It has 66 majors with 2309 staff, 1412 full-time teachers, including 813 people with senior titles, 111 doctoral tutors. There are 4 shared academicians, 1 special professor of "Yangtze River Scholars", 2 winners of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, and 3 candidates of the "100 person Program" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. And two people are selected into the  thousand Youth plan. There is one who was appraised as one of the outstanding talent in the new era by the Ministry of Education. There are 30 people who enjoy the special allowance of the State Council, 2 national candidates for the "million talents Project", 1 "National Advanced Workers", "National Model of Teachers and Virtue", and 1 "National excellent teacher". The school has 2 national defense characteristic disciplines, 7 national characteristic specialty, 2 Ministry of Education strategic emerging industry related specialty; There are 2 national teaching teams, 5 provincial teaching teams, 37 provincial quality courses, 3 national experimental teaching demonstration centers, 10 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers and 2 provincial talent training bases.

(3)Academic facilities and Scientific research 

Lanzhou University of Technology boasts more than 2.46 million books or pieces of various kinds of documents, including more than 2.22 million books on paper and 3500 kinds of periodicals in Chinese and foreign languages, which can provide nearly 30 kinds of large-scale databases in Chinese and foreign languages. There is one international cooperation center, two joint laboratories and 10 national scientific research bases. The Ministry of Education has jointly built 4 key laboratories of the Ministry of Education, 2 engineering research centers of the Ministry of Education, 2 National University Science and Technology Parks, 17 strategic alliances for industrial technological innovation in China, 11 key laboratories in Gansu Province, and 2 collaborative innovation centers at the provincial level, 4 Provincial humanities bases, 8 research institutes, 32 research institutes, 59 engineering and technical research centers and two innovation team of "Yangtze river" Scholars and Innovative Development Plan.

(4)Lanzhou University of Technology Achievement

By March 2018, the school had undertaken 6 national teaching and research projects, won 33 awards for teaching achievements at the provincial and ministerial levels, built 42 provincial quality courses, published 118 kinds of teaching materials, and students were in the national mathematics modeling competition for college students. In Electronic design competition, computer programming competition, English competition, mechanical design competition, robot design competition, 98 students won 43 national awards, 636 people won 308 provincial awards. 

The university is selected into the National College students' innovative Experimental Plan. In the evaluation of the undergraduate teaching level organized by the Ministry of Education in 2006, the school obtained "excellent". The employment rate of graduates has been kept above 97% for many years, and the Ministry of Education has awarded the title of "National College of graduates' Employment experience in 2009".

(5) Communication and international cooperation

As of March 2018, the school has established cooperation with more than 40 universities such as the United States, Russia, Britain, Australia, etc., such as talent training, scientific research, etc. More than 250 foreign students from 35 countries have come to the school to receive academic education or short-term study, and the education for foreign students has taken shape. This University has successively expanded and implemented high level university graduate students, state master degree students. To carry out the student credit exchange program,the university has cooperated with the University of East Texas Church (ETBU), the University of Illinois (NEIU), the University of Tennessee (TTU), the University of Troy (Troy), Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan University of Science and Technology) and other universities. Joint Graduate training Program-Shanghai Cooperation Organization University Discussion has already been settled down with Moscow Institute of Power Engineering. Over 200 students abroad to exchange and study major in Materials science and engineering, energy power, electrical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, English, accounting, finance, business administration, marketing and so on.

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