Liaoning Communication University

Why Study at Liaoning Communication University, China

Brief Introduction

Liaoning Communication University, located in Shenyang city, which  is the capital city of Liaoning Province and is one of the largest cities of China. Shenyang is also the center of economy, culture, transportation and business activities in the northeastern part of China. Shenyang city has also been enlisted as one of the top ten most competitive cities of China.  LNCU covers an area of approximately 1,300 acres, and currently more than 8,000 students are enrolled in LNCU. LNCU is one of the six communication universities in China. 

1. History

Liaoning Communication University, has its origin in Liaoning Vocational College of Fine Arts founded in 1991, and assumed its present name in 2014. It is the only higher education institute in training professional talents of media in northeast China. Liaoning Communication University (LNCU) is approved by Liaoning Provincial Ministry of Education and Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China as well.

2. Discipline and Programs

Liaoning Communication University has 5 colleges and 4 departments, offering 16 undergraduate programs and 11 diploma programs. It is an applied and comprehensive university in Media, Arts, and Internet. Now, it constructs the professional disciplines system focused on the field of media and arts with a harmonious development in literature, arts and management. There are 8 teaching departments, such as Broadcasting, TV and Films department, Arts Design Department, Interior Design Department and Journalism and Communication Department. Particularly, the discipline development in the field of media ranks top level in China.

3. Academic Facilities and Scientific Research

Liaoning Communication University has 180 are  professors and associate professors. In addition, LNCU also has around 500 Chinese faculty members with outstanding academic achievements and extraordinary teaching skills in their relevant fields. LNCU intends to cultivate sustainable talents for current and upcoming media industry. The university offers various advanced facilities such as sports stadium, library, the art gallery and students activity center. The university has 105 laboratories in relevance of different majors and 67 off-campus internship platforms. The excellent multimedia internet, library information resources, modern distance education  and public service system provide a perfect study experience for students.

4. Great Achievement

Liaoning Communication University contracts for over 200 provincial associations and cultural industry enterprises and 22 arts and media institutes to build the “University and Enterprise Union of Cultural Industry”. Besides, it cooperated with 218 leading enterprises for customized training. In the past 26 years, it trained over 30000 professional talents for the industry in culture, arts and media. Particularly, Journalism and Communication Department achieved outstanding performances, which won the Best Films in US Davis International Film Festival. 

5. Communication and International Cooperation

Liaoning Communication University stresses international academic and personnel exchanges. It has established various academic and exchange relations with United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, France, etc, due to which students from these countries have ample opportunities to participate in exchange programs. In addition, LNCU also takes pride in regularly inviting distinguished international experts in order to get enriched in regards of educational and teaching contents. At present, it has signed the cooperative agreement with Bangladesh, Ghana, Pakistan and many other countries for developing the education exchange in the “One Belt and One Road”.

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