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Why Study Medicine at Jinzhou Medical University, China

Jinzhou Medical University (JMU), founded in 1946, which is a public medical university located in the city of Jinzhou, in western Liaoning. There are approximately more than 12,000 students studying a wide range of medicine-related courses at the university, including about1000 international students from nearly 40 countries. JMU offers 22 undergraduate programs including Clinical Medicine (MBBS) and Pharmacy in English medium and Clinical Medicine (MBBS), Pharmacy, Medical Imaging Radiology, Anesthesiology and others in Chinese medium. We offer 67 postgraduate programs in both English and Chinese medium, including Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and 7 joined-doctor degree programs as well including Surgery, Nursing etc. Jinzhou Medical University is among those universities that are allowed to offer the program of MBBS in English medium by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. Jinzhou Medical University has been recognized by WHO and ECFMG.

(1). History

Jinzhou Medical University, formerly known as Health Cadre School in the military area of Liaoji. In 1947, it changed its name to Liaobei Medical College. In 1949, the school moved to Jinzhou city, Liaoning province. Jinzhou medical college has been approved by the state council in 1958. In 2006, it became Liaoning Medical School approved by the ministry of education. It is one of province-owned institutions of higher learning with five kinds of subjects: medicine, agronomy, engineering, management, and education. In 2016, it became Jinzhou Medical University.

(2). Discipline Construction

Jinzhou Medical University has 17 teaching departments, 116 teaching offices, 12 teaching laboratories, 3 main affiliated comprehensive hospitals with 4750 sick beds, and 122 bases for teaching and practice. Among the 4000 faculty members there are 525 associate professors and 302 professors and chief doctors. There are approximately more than 12,000 students studying a wide range of medicine-related courses at the university, including about1000 international students from nearly 40 countries.

(3). Campus Overview

Jinzhou Medical University covers nearly 1 million square meters. Library has 880000 copies of collections, of which the electronic collection has350000 books. Now it has online journal full-text database, electronic books and other five kinds of database. Among them, students can obtain the full text of Chinese-foreign electronic journals more than 10000 kinds.

(4). Affiliated Hospitals

Jinzhou Medical University has 3 direct and 5 indirect affiliated hospitals. The first affiliated hospital is the largest level of first-class comprehensive hospital in western region of Liaoning province, one of the three major regional medical center in Liaoning province, also the national residency training base. The three subordinate affiliated hospitals make great contributions to the development of medical health for many areas.

(5). Significant Achievements

In 2012-2014, the school has applied for 53 state-level scientific research projects, including 48 fund programs of national nature and science; total of 243 the provincial scientific research projects; and 179 published papers selected  by SCI, the cumulative impact factor of 288.89. The scientific research funds of 66.59 million yuan have been approved. And it also received the first prize of Liaoning province scientific and technological progress, second prize, third prize and 29 authorized patents. The school-run enterprises Jinzhou Mr. Hong pharmaceutical co., LTD. Has researched and developed two kinds of four types of biochemical drugs at the national level "oda gold" and "state pavilion", filling the domestic blank, and realizing the unity. "Fu Kang Shuan" series of drug developed separately, and obtained national patent, has been marketing throughout the country.

Communication and Cooperation

Jinzhou Medical University has received 92 foreign delegations and visited 22countries and regions in the past two years. We have successfully held the “first Ghana medical student international conference”, received the National Medical Commission Delegation from Nepal and the delegation of the Ministry of Education of Namibia, and obtained the certification for student enrollment of two countries.
International communication and cooperation as follows:
Northumbria University (UK)
Stevens Henager College (US)
Benedictine University


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