Liaoning Shihua University

Why Study at Liaoning Shihua University, China

Liaoning Shihua University (LSHU) is located in Fushun, overlooking the scenic banks of the Hunhe River. It enjoys a beautiful campus environment. It was first founded in 1950 at Dalian, which is the first petroleum and chemical Technology University of China. During 65 years from it established, it has developed into a multidisciplinary university specializing in petroleum and petrochemical engineering with seven well coordinated disciplines of engineering, sciences, economics, management, humanities, law, and education. Furthermore, the university has been named as the nurturing base for talents in short supply in the petrochemical industry.

(1) History

Liaoning Shihua University was originally founded in Dalian in 1950 as the first petroleum school of New China. In 1953 the school was relocated to Fushun and in 1958 it was upgraded to Fushun Petroleum Institute. In February 2000 its leadership was transferred to the People’s Government of Liaoning Province, in light of the management system of “simultaneous construction by central and local governments, with the local government playing a more prominent role”. In October of the same year, Fushun Coal Industry School was incorporated into Fushun Petroleum Institute; in February 2002, with the approval of the Ministry of Education (MOE), Fushun Petroleum Institute was renamed as Liaoning Shihua University.

(2) Discipline and programs

Liaoning Shihua University is a multidisciplinary university specializing in petroleum and petrochemical engineering with seven well coordinated disciplines of engineering, sciences, economics, management, humanities, law, and education. There are 20 schools and colleges on campus. Currently Liaoning Shihua University possesses 2 joint PhD programs, 59 Master Degree Programs, 50 undergraduate programs. The university currently has about 23571 Chinese students and more than 200 international students.  

(3) Academic facilities and scientific research

Total number of faculties is 1509 at Liaoning Shihua University, among the others, which includes 978 full-time teachers, among whom 460 are professors. In addition, 19 teachers enjoy Special Government Allowances, 1 has received the honor of Climbing Scholars in Liaoning Province, 20 faculty members are among the national and provincial Hundred-thousand-myriad Talents Project, and 55 teachers are recognized respectively as state-level or province/ministry-level science and technology experts, academic leaders and excellent core educators. Liaoning Shihua University established National Engineering Practice Centers, 1 National Training Center for Practice Education, 8 Provincial-level Experimental Demonstration Centers and Engineering Practice Centers, 20 provincial key laboratories and engineering technology centers and 1 provincial key research base for Science Education Planning.

(4) Great achievements

In the past five years, Liaoning Shihua University has undertaken a total of 613 research projects and received 147 awards for science and technology at national, provincial and municipal levels. Research proceeds exceed 0.3 billion CNY, and patent applications have reached 195 items (including 66 invention patents). In addition, it has published 216 works and textbooks; more than 3,000 academic papers in core journals, of which 692 articles have been embodied by SCI, EI, SCIE, and ISTP and 2 science and technology core journals: “The Journal of Petrochemical Universities” and “Journal of Liaoning Shihua University”. In 2013, Liaoning Shihua University held its 4th Science and Technology Work Conference, the focus and direction of science and technology development have been clarified. The university has been identified as the first batch pilot organization for university of science and technology serving the county economy, and has also been awarded the “The Advanced Social Science Organization of National Large and Medium-sized Cities”.

(5) Communication and international cooperation

To implement its internationally oriented development strategy, Liaoning Shihua University has established long-term partnerships with 20 universities and research institutes in 10 countries, including the United States, Russia, Britain and Korea. Joint-education programs, such as “ 2+2 ”, “ 1+2+1 ”,” 4+1 ”,” MBA ” , “ MPA” and other collaborative education projects operate smoothly with The University of Edinburgh (UK), Northern Illinois University (USA), and other well-known overseas universities. So far, dozens of LSHU students have gone to the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia, Belgium and France for study. And appointed by MOE, LSHU accepts application for full-time international postgraduate studies under the Chinese Government Scholarship Program. The university currently has more than 200 international students studying here. 


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