Liaoning University of Technology

Overseas Students at Liaoning University of Technology, China

Liaoning University of Technology offers comfortable, cultural atmosphere and convenient living environment for international students. International students learn a broader knowledge about Chinese culture at Chinese cultural classes, such as Kung Fu, Calligraphy, and Traditional Chinese Musical Instruments. International students can get graduation certificates and bachelor’s degrees, as well as master's degrees. So far, Liaoning University of Technology has had more than 500 international students from the US, Korea, Japan, Slovenia, and Pakistan.

The School of International Education at Liaoning University of Technology is in charge of international cooperation, recruitment and management of international students. LUT has carried out international exchange and cooperation since 1985. In recent years, the university has established numerous exchange programs with more than 20 foreign universities, such as USA, Germany, UK, Korea, Singapore, Japan and Australia.



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