Medical Degree Program in China - Marine Pharmacy

1. Introduction
Marine Pharmacy is an emerging edge discipline; its main task is to study the distribution, reserves, drug properties, clinical application of marine pharmaceuticals resources and marine bioactive material. Marine pharmacy is to train professionals who can be engaged in marine drug development, production, quality control and process design and engaged in bioengineering research, can also be engaged in the teaching work of marine pharmacology and related subjects after graduation.
2. Training Objectives
Marine Pharmacy cultivates senior scientific and technical personnel engaged in the research and production of marine drug.

3. Training Requirements
To master the basic theory and professional skills of pharmacy and the principle of modern biological technology and basic professional skills of biotech drug development. Graduates can be engaged in marine drug development, production, quality control and process design and engaged in bio engineering research, also can be engaged in the teaching of marine pharmacology and related disciplines.
4. Knowledge and Skills
1) Familiar with the basic theory and basic knowledge of marine pharmacology;
2) Master the physical and chemical properties of marine pharmacology;
3) Understand the basic principles and methods of marine pharmacy;
4) Master the prospects and development trends of marine pharmacy;
5) Familiar with the principles and methods of the preparation of marine pharmacology.
5. Main Courses
Main disciplines: inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analysis chemistry, physical chemistry, marine biology, marine biopharmaceutical resources, marine medicinal biotechnology, marine medicine, marine medicine chemistry, pharmacy, pharmacology
The main practical teaching: teaching practice for three weeks, the time schedule is flexible. The time of graduation practice is for 25 weeks.
Main courses
Computer application basis, program design language, advanced mathematics, probability and statistics, inorganic chemistry, analysis chemistry, organic chemistry, marine biology, marine medicinal organisms resources, marine drug biological technology theory and experiment, marine medicine, chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology, cell biology, microbiology and immunology, genetics, pharmacology, pharmacy, biological pharmaceutical process, bioinformatics and literature retrieval.
6. Employment Prospects
Graduates can be engaged in scientific research departments, universities, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and government departments for scientific research, teaching, application development research, drug production, management technology, drug testing, drug marketing, quality control, drug management and supervision of the rational use of drug.

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