Medical Degree Program in China - Medical Biology

Medical biology is an experimental science, and the basic theory of medical biology is based on experiment. As a result, the experiment is one of the most important teaching links in medical biology. In this course, we will strengthen the experiment in this course, to cultivate students' operation, observation, analysis and synthesis, record, drawing and other basic skills.

Teaching aim of this course is to enable students to consolidate and expand the basic theory of biology, basic knowledge and basic skills based on appropriate links to the various medical disciplines, through every link of the teaching, to enable students to gradually from the different levels of understanding the rules of the occurrence and development of biology, at the same time, it will in the teaching of the new advances in the life sciences, especially the cell biology of front fields of life science, makes a brief introduction to the new achievements in the field of molecular biology, to expand knowledge to students,  to enable  make students has the solution on the new theory and the new concept of the life science 
The prerequisite courses are medical chemistry, histology and embryology, anatomy. Courses offered in the same period are medical biochemistry, medical immunology, physiology.
molecular biology:
Molecular biology is the study of nucleic acids and other biological macromolecules functional, morphological characteristics and the relationship between the structure and the function of the sciences, is a marginal discipline with the rapid development of modern science. It permeates Life Sciences, including medical subjects in the field, become contemporary promoting one of the frontier subjects of the development of life science.
The main contents of this course include: gene and genome and modern molecular biology research methods and technology, transcription, translation, prokaryotic gene expression and regulation, eukaryotic gene expression and regulation, oncogene and anti oncogene, gene diagnosis and gene therapy.
This course requires students to master the basic theory and technology of modern molecular biology, to learn to use the knowledge of molecular biology to discuss or explain the medical problems related to human health and disease.
The prerequisite courses are  biochemistry, physiology, cell biology.

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