Qingdao University Medical College

Why Study Medicine at Medical College of Qingdao University, China

Brief Introduction

Medical College of Qingdao University is located in the center of a beautiful coastal and open city - Qingdao. Also it is one of the first higher medical colleges and universities approved by the state council with master's degree, which was founded in 1956. The Qingdao University Medical College is recognized by the World Health Organization, and was included in the World Medical College directory as having superb facilities and a robust set of well-qualified faculty.

(1). History

Medical College of Qingdao University

1. In April 1939, the Japanese and navy founded the school system for five years in the hospital.

2. In May 1940, renamed Qingdao East Asia Medical College.

3. In July 1944, the institute changed the educational system for 4 years and renamed Specialty School of Qingdao Medical College.

4. In November 1945, the medical school was confiscated by the Chinese government and back to city hospital. 

5. In January 1946, it was handed over to the national medical school of shandong university. During this time, the school faced some adjustments.

6. In September 1956, independent school of medicine moved to huangtai road, songshan road. In 1966, the number of medical students reached 760, and then stopped recruitment for five years. 

7. In 2001 Qingdao University Medical School was incorporated into to Qingdao University. 

(2). Discipline Construction

College has 9 undergraduate programs: clinical medicine, medical test, oral medicine, medical imaging, preventive medicine, nursing, pharmacy, biotechnology, food science and engineering. Among them, clinical medicine is provincial key specialty and national characteristics specialty. College has always been concentrated on teaching, and pays attention to the teaching quality and teaching efficiency, tries its best to develop the study of science. Ophthalmology is one of the existing national key disciplines at the school.

(3). Campus Overview

Medical College of Qingdao University is located in the beautiful seaside city, Qingdao. The campus environment is very beautiful and quite. The breathtaking views and the comfortable seaside climate make Medical College of Qingdao University a great place to study. The campus has a unique, rich cultural history that makes it a great place to better understand Chinese people and culture.

(4). Affiliated Hospitals

Medical College of Qingdao University has 7 affiliated hospitals and 5 teaching hospitals, 18000 beds available for practice teaching. The Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University was established in 1898. It has gone through 100 years of development. Now, this hospital is a large and comprehensive provincial hospital with technical guidance for medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care, and rehabilitation.

(5). Significant Achievements

During the 11th five-year plan ", the school undertakes more than 300 items of provincial-level scientific research topic, won 64 items of the provincial level scientific research topic. School is equipped with advanced instruments and worth 30 million yuan. Library has a collection of 425000 books, and equipped with advanced cd-rom retrieval system and network query system. Journal of Qingdao university medical college, the Qilu medical journal are issued at home and abroad. 

Communication and Cooperation

Medical College of Qingdao University actively cooperates with some oversea organizations in order to promote the exchange of different culture and academic fruits.


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