Medical Degree Program in China - Medical Ethics

Medical Ethics is a discipline to solve medical ethics problems and medical moral phenomenon in the development process of healthcare practice and medicine by using general ethnics principles, which is an important part of medicine and also a branch of ethics. Medical ethics is a study focusing on the moral problems of the relationship between man and man, man and society, man and nature in medical fields by using the theory and method of ethics. Medical ethics is the subject evaluating human medical behaviors and medical research whether to be consistent with morality.

Basic Principles
In medical ethics, there are three basic ethical principles: the patient's interest being first, respect for the patient, and justice.
Research Contents
The main research content of medical ethics: basic principle, specification, function and the law of development of medical ethics; relationship between medical staff and patients (doctor-patient relationship); relationship between the medical staff (medical interpersonal relationship); relationship between the Department of Health and society.
1. Concepts of health and disease
2. Doctor-patient relationship
3. Reproductive technology
4. Birth control
5. Genetic and Eugenics
6. Death and euthanasia
7. Health resource allocation and health policy

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