Medical Degree Program in China - Medical Experimental Technology

 1. Introduction

Medical Experimental Technology trains medical examination professionals with the ability of applying advanced technology, with a solid professional knowledge of medical examination and related knowledge of natural science, to have a strong medical laboratory practice skills and interpersonal skills, with good professional ethics and humanities, can be engaged in medical examination and laboratory diagnosis.

2. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of basic medicine, clinical medicine and medical laboratory technology; accept basic training of medical experimental operation skills, grasp medical laboratory technology, medical technology, medical hairdressing technology and audiological examination technology and basic skills. After graduation, the students can be engaged in medical experiment and medical research and have the basic ability to analyze the results of medical experiments.

3. Knowledge and Ability

1). Master the basic theoretical knowledge and basic skills of clinical medicine, basic medicine, clinical biochemistry, molecular biology, clinical immunology, cell biology and pathogenic biology;

2). Master the basic principle, performance, operation technology and maintenance of the common medical experiment instrument;

3). Master document retrieval, data investigation, statistics and other basic methods, with the basic knowledge and skills of medical statistics and good computer application;

4). Understand the frontier theory and technology development trends of medical experimental technology;

5). Has a certain ability of clinical medicine experiment and scientific research.

4. Main Subjects

Clinical medicine, medical experimental technology, basic medicine

5. Main Courses

Inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analysis chemistry, anatomy, histology and embryology, physiological, biochemistry, molecular biology, pathology, medical statistics, introduction to clinical medicine, the basis of clinical examination, clinical biochemistry and inspection, test and microbiology, immunology and inspection, hematology, parasitology and inspection, health physical examination, instrument  inspection and laboratory management.

6. Practical Teaching

Clinical laboratory rotation, clinical laboratory practice

7. Employment Prospects

Graduates can work in hospitals, blood banks, health and epidemic prevention stations, for medical experimental technology job; center for disease control and prevention, customs, medical institutions, pharmaceutical factory, biological product research unit, drug testing unit, reagents and medical instrument company.


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