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Medical Genetics is one of the most advanced disciplines in medicine, and it is also a new subject, which is the main research subject of life science. Medical genetics mainly uses DNA technology to study the relationship between diseases and genes. New diagnostic techniques and methods of treatment are conducted. To use DNA technology to study the relationship between disease and gene. New diagnostic techniques and methods of treatment. Medical genetics can be used for the early diagnosis of diseases, prevention of birth defects, and the diagnosis and treatment of difficult miscellaneous diseases at the molecular level, thus providing new medical service which is more efficient, including gene diagnosis, transgenic therapy and so on. Currently, prenatal intervention or intrauterine transgenic therapy can be realized through prenatal diagnosis DNA technology for some functional diseases, such as deafness, amblyopia, strabismus, color blindness, body odor, mental retardation, labor ability lost and low civil capacity.

Diseases can be caused by a distortion in the genetic material of the next generation because of the fertilization or maternal effected by the environment or inheritance. There is some weakness or even no cure method for these diseases in drug therapy and surgical treatment. The technology of medical genetics is mainly applied to prenatal diagnosis, outpatient of genetic counseling and genetic diagnosis, forensic identification, paternity testing, pediatrics, oncology and so on. Key laboratories of medical genetics have been set up in many universities or medical schools, various models of genetic diseases have been established through collecting blood samples of social genetic disease cases and mice inbreeding, which is an important means to recognize the position of gene deletion and mutation of human genetic disease.

Medical genetics mainly introduces the causes, characteristics of genetic disease and epidemic distribution, basic knowledge of laboratory operation, basic principles and techniques of diagnosis and treatment.

Medical genetics is one of the leading subjects in the field of medicine and develops very fast especially in the promotion of the human genome project. The type of genetic diseases has reached more than 6000, so the effect is increasingly important for human health. Gene isolation, cloning, gene diagnosis, gene therapy is not only implemented in the laboratory, but also has been involved in clinical applications. Learning purpose of medical genetics is to cultivate medical students with broad knowledge, to make them become qualified clinicians with genetics knowledge and to lay the foundation for their future study in various medical branches.


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