Medical Degree Program in China - Medical Imaging Technology

 1. Introduction

Medical Imaging Technology cultivates senior technical and applied talents equipped with the basic theoretical knowledge and basic skills necessary for basic medicine, clinical medicine and modern medical imaging, who can be engaged in the following technical work: clinical imaging examination, diagnosis and treatment.

2. Training Requirements

The students mainly study basic theories of basic medicine, clinical medicine, medical imaging, receive basic training of the operation skills like conventional radiology, CT, nuclear magnetic resonance, medical ultrasound, DSA, and nuclear medicine, with the ability of diagnosis and treatment of the disease by taking image diagnosis and interventional medicine as a means.

3. Knowledge and Skills

1). Master the basic theory and basic knowledge of basic medicine, clinical medicine and electronics.

2). Master various technologies of medical imaging (including conventional radiology, CT, nuclear magnetic resonance, DSA, ultrasound medicine, nuclear medicine, interventional medicine, etc.) and the basic theory and operation skills of computer.

3). Have the ability to use a variety of diagnostic imaging technology for the diagnosis of diseases.

4). Be familiar with the principles, policies and methods of radiation protection, familiar with the relevant medical ethics.

5). Understand the theoretical front and development trends of branches of medical imaging.

4. Main Subjects

Basic medicine, clinical medicine, medical imaging

5. Main Courses

Physics, fundamentals of electronics, computer principle and interface, structure and maintenance of image equipment, medical imaging technology, photography, human anatomy, diagnosis, medicine, imaging diagnostics, interventional radiology, imaging physics, ultrasonic diagnosis, radiology diagnostics, radionuclide diagnosis, nuclear medicine, medical imaging anatomy, radiation oncology, B ultrasound diagnosis.

6. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in medical imaging inspection, diagnosis and intervention, operation and maintenance and marketing of the equipment at various levels of medical institutions, or occupied for radiation therapy.


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