Medical Degree Program in China - Medical Jurisprudence

 1. Introduction

Medical Jurisprudence, also known as medical law, is an interdisciplinary frontier subject of jurisprudence and medicine. As a new discipline, colleges and universities show a variety of features in the construction of medical jurisprudence. Medical law is also called public administration (medical jurisprudence direction), clinical medicine (medical law), etc.
2. Curriculum
In the field of legal knowledge, there are 14 core courses of jurisprudence and nearly 10 basic course of law. In the field of medical knowledge, courses of basic medicine, clinical medicine, like anatomy, pathology, pharmacology, internal medicine, surgery, traditional Chinese medicine, pharmacy, etc.
3. Training Objectives
Systematically study the knowledge of law and medicine, and carry out legal professional practice and medical clinical practice training respectively in the legal practice department and the medical practice department. Train legal professionals with medical theory and practical experience.

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Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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