Medical Degree Program in China - Medical Laboratory Animal Science

Medical laboratory animal science focuses on ability cultivating, grasping some specific technical methods, trying to master and use this important research tool better in the study of animal experiment related medicine and life science. Medical laboratory animal science applies to biology, basic medicine, clinical medicine, pharmacy and agriculture and other related fields.

Medical laboratory animal science is divided into five parts. The first part is “Extension of laboratory animal science in medical research", focusing on the shape characteristics of the experimental animals, behavioral habits, anatomical characteristics, physiological characteristics, nutritional characteristics and genetic characteristics. At the same time, the first part also introduces the development, basic principle, scope of application of laboratory animal science and requirements on experimental animal research by domestic and international academic journals. The second part is "Be kind to animals - to provide more precise results for medical scientific research", introducing the requirements of life science research on the microbiological background of laboratory animals and genetic background, requirements of laboratory animal on feeding environment and nutrition, common disease and nursing measures of experimental animals, safety management of experimental animal and animal experiment, ethics content of the experimental animal and the importance of being kind to animals on research results. The third part is "Important models of human disease and use of comparative medicine”, focusing on general principles and basic methods of preparation in animal models of human disease, mainly introducing the production method of models of human common diseases and research methods of comparative medicine. The fourth part is "common experimental techniques of laboratory animals”, not only introducing common experimental methods, inspection methods, experimental pathology technology, methods of anesthesia, analgesia and euthanasia, labels and technology and surgical techniques of experimental animals, but also introducing concepts of model animals, pattern animals and disease models, design of animal experiment, research technology of experimental animal behaviors, comparative imageology diagnosis and identification technology.


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