Ningbo University Medical School

Why Study Medicine at Medical School of Ningbo University, China

Brief Introduction
Medical School of Ningbo University was founded in 1998. It is a new medical school of comprehensive university, with Dr. John Tang, a famous Hong Kong scientist, as the honorary dean, who is also the donor of the school. Since its establishment, the school has received full support from Ministry of Education, Zhejiang provincial government, and Ningbo municipal government. According to the existing foundation and characteristics of school and using the successful experience of domestic and foreign medical institutions for reference, The Medical School of Ningbo University strive to build the school into characteristic teaching and research oriented comprehensive medical school with a moderate size.
Discipline Construction
Medical School of Ningbo University has two five-year undergraduate programs: clinical medicine and preventive medicine. It also has four post graduate programs surgery, Internal Medicine, Epidemiology & Health Statistics, Biochemistry & Molecular biology, one of professional master program, MPA of Social Medicine and Health Administration, and five adult and distance education programs, medicine, nursing, preventive medicine, medical test, and pharmacy. The school has one municipal key discipline, four university level top-quality courses, two provincial top-quality courses, one national top-quality course, one national bilingual teaching demonstration course, four municipal key laboratories, one provincially supported discipline, and one university level characteristic discipline. In the international education of medicine, The Medical School of Ningbo University provides international students English teaching MBBS programs. Until now, there are more than 360 international students studying medicine here.
Campus Overview
Medical School of Ningbo University has 5 Schools and Departments, totally, 1789 enrolling students and about 360 international students who study medical programs here. The school has been optimizing its constitution of teaching staff. Now 65.4% of its full-time teachers have senior titles, 65.4% have obtained doctorate degrees. There are 3 doctor tutors and a total of 8 staff members participating selected by talent projects of various levels and sorts. The school is seated onN0.818Fenghua Road, Jiangbei District, and Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province.
Affiliated Hospitals
Medical School of Ningbo University has eight affiliated hospitals including The Affiliated Hospital of Medical School of Ningbo University which is the "National Class A-Grade III Hospital “and another ten hospitals for Teaching. What’s more, Medical School of Ningbo University has 12 community health service practice teaching base and 12 preventive medicine teaching practice base. The Affiliated Hospital of Medical School of Ningbo University contains a combination of medical, teaching, scientific research and preventive health care. The hospital is found in 1951 and now plays an important role in medical research. Until now, the hospital has 1181 staff and60 specialist outpatient and medical assistant department with over 800 beds.
Significant Achievements
Medical School of Ningbo University has taken on more than 80 national, provincial or municipal research projects, among which 17 are of national level. Furthermore, Teachers of the medical school have published more than 140 SCI and EI indexed theses and won 20 scientific research awards, which are all above city level, including 1 first award of excellent teaching production of Zhejiang province, 2 third awards of science and technology of Zhejiang province. In recent 5 years, The Medical School of Ningbo University won the national, provincial and city departmental level research project of nearly 200, which are 52 state-level projects, and60provincial and ministerial levels.
Communication and Cooperation
Medical School of Ningbo University puts great emphasis on international exchange and cooperation. It has established cooperation relations with the Medical School of RWTH Aachen University, Germany, the Medical School of Chiang Mai University, Thailand, the Medical School of Rouen University, France, University of Skovde, Sweden etc. Through academic exchange programs and teacher & student exchange programs with its international partners, teachers and students of the school have many chances to go abroad either for further study or for academic exchange.
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