Southeast University Medical School

Medical Overseas Students at Medical School of Southeast University, China

Medical School of Southeast University has formed a whole set of culturing system, which contains degree education of bachelor, master of English teaching for international students. We have international students from approximately 50 different countries. With a dedication to the pursuit of excellence, the Medical School of Southeast University offers unique learning experiences across abroad spectrum and high standard of academic and social environments. 

Medical School of Southeast University is responsive to the talents cultivated, creating curricula and learning opportunities that increase access to higher education.
At present, more than 500 international students, from the United States, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Yemen, Burundi, Nigeria, Cameroon and other 40 countries studying at the Medical School of Southeast University. With the development of the open policy, more and more foreigners choose to study in China. And recently the number of medical international students is increasing year by year.
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