Medical Degree Program in China - Medical Statistics

 1. Introduction

Medical Statistics is a discipline that studies the collection, analysis and inference of digital data using the principle and method of probability theory and mathematical statistics, combining medical practice.
2. Tasks
The object of medical research is the phenomenon of human health and disease, internal and external environment of human body and related organism is affected by many factors, many of which are unknown factors. Therefore, even if the things with the same nature, as to the same indicators, there are differences between individuals, this phenomenon is called variation. People living in the same environment, subject to the threat of the same disease risk factors, but individuals whether sick or not, individual severity, curative effect of treatment and so on, are different from each other, the phenomenon that the occurrence or not cannot be sure in advance is called accidental phenomena or random phenomenon. The task of medical statistics is to reflect the characteristics and laws of the homogeneous things through the accidental phenomena.
3. Main Content
1) Statistical research design
2) The estimate of the total index
3) Hypothesis test
4) The study of contact, classification, identification and detection etc.
4. Related Disciplines
(1). The biostatistics, the research objects include the whole biological world, also including human beings, so the research range is wider than medical statistics.
(2). Health statistics, focusing on the social aspects of medicine, such as population health statistics, health resource distribution and health service statistics, etc. 
The three disciplines all use the theory and methods of mathematical statistic, the three have difference but no limit.

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