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 In recent years, the number of foreigners in China keeps continuous rapid growth with the economic development in China. At the same time, the immigration purpose and identity become increasingly diverse. Viewing from immigration, since 2000, the entry number keeps increasing by an average rate of 10%. Viewing from employment, the number of foreigners employed in China reaches 74,000 in 2000. And this number increases to 220,000 by the end of 2011, among which mainly foreign-funded enterprise staff, teachers, delegates of foreign agencies in China. According to insiders, at present China has a demand of about 100,000 foreign teachers on the market.

1. Why teach medicine in China?
(1).It makes foreign medical teachers in shortage with the increasing number of overseas students studying medicine in China and the requirement of English teaching. And this shortage is still growing.
(2).Superior conditions and good prospects are attractive. With the development of economy, medical education in China has greatly improved. China's medical education quality has reached advanced world levels. The great educational infrastructure has created favorable conditions for teaching.
(3).It can accumulate rich experience to teach medicine in China because China's rich resources of cases and diseases provide the most vivid teaching material. This will help promote the teaching level. 
(4). Foreign teachers and Chinese counterparts can communicate with each other to discuss teaching ideas and methods to promote the communication between foreign and Chinese teachers. Through the collision of  Chinese and overseas thinking modes of teaching and the comparison of teaching methods, mutual improvement in teaching methods and achievements will be achieved.
(5).With China's rapid economic development, China will become the world's largest economy by 2020.
(6).Foreign teachers can earn considerable income and be respected as a teacher in China. And foreign teachers can travel in China during summer and winters vacations and learn Chinese culture.
2. Why China's medical universities and colleges employ foreign medical teachers?
(1).In recent years, with the increasing number of overseas students studying medicine in China and the requirement of  English teaching for overseas students, it is of great necessity for China's medical universities and colleges to build and perfect the team of foreign medical teachers.
(2).Foreign teachers’ different ways of thinking can facilitate communication and discussion of Chinese and foreign teaching ideas and methods, so as to promote each other and achieve mutual improvement.
(3).It will promote the increase of international students studying medicine in China with the growing team of foreign medical teachers will, which is in favor of schools’ recruiting international students. At the same time, international exchanges and cooperation in the field of medical and health education will also be promoted, which can popularize China's medical education better and accelerate China's education industry internationalization.
(4).Introduction of foreign teachers and experts can expand the platform of international cooperation and exchanges and promote schools’ comprehensive strength and international competitiveness, which is a necessary measure for university’s internationalization. Besides, it can promote the teaching, scientific research and influence of universities and colleges towards the direction of internationalization to introduce foreign teachers with international knowledge and skills. 
(5).It can enhance international cultural atmosphere and enrich the campus culture to introduce foreign teachers.
3. Qualification regulations on foreigners to teach medicine in China and hiring process:
Foreigners to teach in China must abide by Chinese laws and regulations, without criminal record. Foreigners must hold materials below:
Passport, valid visa, required academic certificate in medical field by the university or college, “Work Permit in China for Foreign Experts”, “Foreign Expert Certificate”, foreign teacher qualification, accommodation registration certificate and Health Certificate for the first application.
How to obtain“Work Permit in China for Foreign Experts” and “Foreign Expert Certificate”?
The education institution that intends to employ foreigners needs to make the application and finish the procedures of hiring foreign teachers to work in China in the local Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs. The Bureau issues “Work Permit in China for Foreign Experts” . Based on the issued work permit, the Chinese embassy will issue an entry visa after reviewing relevant materials according to the rules. The employing unit should apply for“Foreign Expert Certificate” for foreign teachers in the Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs and finish the residence formalities in the Exit Entry Administration of the Public Security Bureau within 30 days after the entry of foreign teachers.
Schools or training institutions should have the qualifications if they want to hire foreign experts. Schools or training institutions must get registered and filed in the exit entry administration department after qualified foreign teachers are employed.
Employing process:
(1). contract signing: The employing unit independently determines hire conditions in consultation with foreign employees and  signs a hiring contract by mutual consent, which should be reported specially to the administrative department in charge of education (provincial universities and colleges can directly report to the provincial education administrative department).
(2). application documents: The provincial education administrative department will give a written reply on the employment application and issue “Invitation Letter” and “Experts Confirmation”.
Some provinces need to go to the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office for the two documents.
(3).documents mailing: The employing unit sends "Invitation Letter" and "Experts Confirmation” to foreign teachers by post.
(4).applying for work visa: The foreign teacher goes to the Chinese embassies and consulates for work visa.
(5).ready to come to China: Confirm the arrival date and book an air ticket, inform the employing unit to pick up. 
(6).follow-up issues: Because of time emergency in hiring foreigners, employing units are permitted by many domestic provinces and cities to apply for travel visa for foreigners to China at first, but the employing unit must change the visa class for foreigners within one month after the entry. 
(7).Foreign teachers still need to finish the following formalities upon arrival in the employing unit.
①Finish accommodation registration formalities for foreigners in the local public security department within 24 hours upon arrival in the employing unit, otherwise foreigners will be punished by the police.
②Receive physical examination at the hospital designated by the government and obtain Health Certificate within 1 month.
③Apply for “Foreign Expert Certificate” in the provincial education administrative department or provincial foreign affairs office.
④Apply for Residence Permit for Foreigners in the local public security department endowed with visa issuing qualification.

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