Medical Program in China - Medicated Diet

 1. Introduction

Medicated diet refers to the delicious food with color, aroma, taste and shape that combines traditional Chinese medicine with some food with the medicinal value under the guidance of cooking and nutrition theory, strictly according to the diet formula, using certain food cooking technology and modern scientific methods. (In short, the medicated diet is the delicacy made of medicinal materials and food materials.) It is a combination of traditional Chinese medical knowledge and cooking experience. It integrates medicine into food and makes food to be medicated, the drugs take advantage of the food and the food helps the efficiency of the drugs. The two help each other and complement each other, which has both high nutritional value and the rule of disease prevention and treatment, and strengthening physical health and realizing longevity.

2. Classifications

According to the forms

(1) Fluid

(2) Semi fluid

(3) Solid

According to the production method

Stew, braise, simmer, steam, boil, endure, fry, quick-fry, stew in soy sauce, burn, fry in deep fat or oil

By function

(1) Regimen, health care and longevity

(2) Cosmetology and hairdressing

(3) Eliminating pathogens and treat diseases

(4) Disease rehabilitation

According to the nourishing form

Balanced supplementation

Moistening tonification

Warm supplementation

Powerful tonification

3. Characteristics and efficacy

Dialectical diets

Prevention and cure

Convenient eating

Treat disease

Health care

Nourishing yin and promoting blood circulation

4. Application Principles

Medicated diet has many roles, such as health care, treatment and prevention of disease, but should follow certain principles in the application. The drug is for treating illnesses with quick effect, focus on the cure for disease; medicated diet mainly focuses on health care and disease prevention with slow effect. Medicated diet has important status in health care, regimen and rehabilitation. Medicated diet cannot replace drug therapy. Each one has its good points and inadequate points, appropriate method should be selected according to the specific person and condition of disease, abuse is forbidden.

Medicated diet according to the syndromes

Differs owing to time

Different people use different medicated diets

Differs owing to places


Compatibility forbidden

Medication taboo

Patient taboo

Cooking principles

Symptomatic prescription


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