Medical Degree Program in China - Medicinal Chemistry

 1. Introduction

Medicinal Chemistry is a subject which uses the concept and method of chemistry to identify and develop drug, and to study the effect of drug on the level of the body and the mechanism of action. Medicinal chemistry is a subject based on chemical and biological research. The contents of the study involves the discovery, modification and optimization of the lead compounds, to reveal the mechanism of the drug and the mechanism of physiological active substances from the molecular level, to study the metabolic process in the body of drug and physiological active substances.
2. Tasks
Study the relationship between the chemical structure and the activity of drug (QSAR); the relationship between medicine chemical structure and physical and chemical properties; clarify the interaction between drug and receptor; identify drug absorption, transport, and distribution in vivo and metabolic product; obtain new chemical entities to create new drug by drug molecular design or chemical modification of lead compounds.
3. Research Objects
Including drug and related substances and the general physiological active substance, the main object is the drug. Medicinal chemistry is a comprehensive discipline that discovers and invents new drug, synthesizes chemical drug, clarifies chemical properties of drug, studies the law of mutual action between drug molecules and cellular (biological macromolecules), it is an important leading discipline in pharmaceutical field. Medicinal chemistry is classical subject with a long history, has a solid foundation of development, and has accumulated rich content, which has made an important contribution to human health.
4. Research Content
Mainly including two points:
1). drug with known pharmacological effects and clinical applications, including their preparation methods, analysis and validation, quality control, the relationship between structural transformation, chemical structure and pharmacological activity.
2). from the view of biology and chemistry, it is mainly to study the physical and chemical processes of the interaction between drug and organisms, and to reveal the mechanism and mode of action of drug from the molecular level.
In short, the main task of medicinal chemistry is to explore, study and discover new drug with high efficiency, low toxicity and beneficial to health, which is the driving force for the development of medicinal, chemistry.
5. Structural Transformation
1) To improve the selectivity of the target site
2) To extend the time of the drug action
3) To improve drug absorption
4) To improve the solubility of drug
5) To reduce the toxic and side effects of drug
6). To play the role of drug compatibility
Chemical methods are often used in structural modification: the semi synthetic method is simple and easy to operate, but the structure is limited. The route of the whole synthesis method is long, but it can greatly change the structure, and the combination of chemical method is convenient for high throughput screening. The structure modification also adopts biosynthesis and biotransformation methods such as adding precursors, using gene engineering, cell engineering and combinatorial biosynthesis and other biological methods. Based on the need and possibility, various structural modification are taken to different antibiotics, great achievement have been made in extending antimicrobial spectrum, enhancing antibacterial activity, overcoming drug resistance and improving the pharmacokinetic properties (such as enhanced stability, improving the blood drug concentration, prolonging elimination half-life), lowering toxicity, and adapting to the need of the preparation, etc.
6. Research Directions
1). Identification of active ingredients structure of natural drug and relationship research of structure-activity
2). Studies on the chemical constituents of natural drug and their biological activity
3). Study on the chemical constituents and biological activities of the traditional Chinese Medicine
4). Systematic research of targeting drug.

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