Medical Degree Program in China - Medicine Information

 1. Introduction

Medicine Information is the combination of medicine and computer science, and it is the necessary stage of the development of medicine. It is a new cross discipline. Medicine information, (also known as health informatics or medical informatics), is an interdisciplinary subject in the fields of information science, medicine, and health care. It studies related resources, design and methods to optimize access, storage, retrieval and utilization of health and biomedical information. Medicine information, as a new frontier of cross discipline, the use of tools not only contains the computer, information science and technology, but also includes clinical guidelines and the corresponding medical terminology and as a platform for information communication system.
2. Fields
Medicine information includes a number of sub areas, such as bioinformatics, drug informatics, public health informatics, medical informatics and so on.
3. Research Focus
Recent studies show that medicine information research can be divided into two types: taking the application of information technology as the representative and taking health information analysis method as the main content.
The information technology :
Construction and application of the health information system, including: hospital information system, the system can be used for clinical management, medical services, advice automatic input; storage and treatment of the patient information system, such as electronic medical records and electronic health records; decision support system, as the supplementary means of the diagnosis expert system.
On the evaluation of health information system benefits, the evaluation of health information system to provide a methodological support, and finally shows that the health information system of large-scale application has better results.
Health information analysis method:
The corresponding computer algorithms are used in biomedical applications, such as clinical decision support system based on artificial neural network algorithm.
Assessment analysis and its application to assess whether the new treatment method is due to the traditional treatment methods, the most common means for cost benefit analysis, the relationship between analysis and its application

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