Nanchang University Jiangxi Medical College

Why Study Medicine at Nanchang University Jiangxi Medical College, China

Brief Introduction

Nanchang University Jiangxi Medical College is the medical school of Nanchang University in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. It is a key university under the administration of the Jiangxi Provincial Government. Established in 1921, the Medical College has a long history of medical education with complete medical disciplines including basic medicine, clinical medicine and now enrolls international students for English medium Undergraduate Degree Program - MBBS.

1. History

Founded in 1921, the medical college of Nanchang University was originally named Jiangxi Public Medical School which was the earliest medical school in Jiangxi Province. In 1958, the school was merged with 8th military medical school of Chinese People’s Liberation Army, and changed its name to Jiangxi Medical College. In 2005, a merger was implemented between Jiangxi Medical College and Nanchang University; since then, the combined body has used the new name Nanchang University Jiangxi Medical College. In its long history of development, the college has evolved a philosophy of "High Morals with Outstanding Expertise" and spirit of "strictness, diligence, solidarity and innovation" along with profound cultural deposits.

2. Discipline Construction

Undergraduate education: So far, there are 11 colleges (departments, centers), 7,467 full-time undergraduate students (including 378 students for Sino British joint school running project), 577 international students, 10 full-time undergraduate programs, including 1 English medium Bachelor Degree program - MBBS, 1 national characteristics program. Graduate education: there are 2,063 full-time graduate students, 45 doctoral students; 1,751 equal graduate students, 265 doctor graduate students in job, 7 first-class disciplines of Master degree, 1 first-class discipline of Doctoral degree in clinical medicine, 2 second-level doctoral disciplines by the university.

3. Excellent Faculty

Nanchang University Jiangxi Medical College has 220 full-time teachers, including 88 teachers with doctoral degree, 57 professors, 1258 clinical teachers, 170 teachers with doctoral degree, 211 professors, 1 member of national “thousands of people plan”, 2 specially appointed professors of “Yangtze River Scholar” of Ministry of Education, 1 winner of National Outstanding Youth Science Fund, 4 national candidates of "millions of talents project.

4. Campus Overview

Nanchang University Jiangxi Medical College now has two campuses: Donghu campus and Qianhu campus, covering an area of 682 thousand and 400 square meters (1024 acres). At present, the Qianhu campus as a junior undergraduate education base of Nanchang University Jiangxi Medical College, Donghu campus is the senior undergraduate and graduate education base of Nanchang University Jiangxi Medical College.

5. Affiliated Hospitals

At present, Nanchang University Jiangxi Medical College has 7 directly affiliated hospitals, 7 non-directly affiliated hospitals, 78 practice teaching bases (including the practice teaching bases of clinical medicine, preventive medicine, pharmacy, nursing professional); 6 undergraduate experimental teaching center (experimental centers of basic medicine, clinical medicine, public health and prevention medicine, oral medicine, nursing medicine). These affiliated hospitals, practice teaching bases and experimental centers offer medical international students abundant chances of internship.

6. Significant Achievements

Nanchang University Jiangxi Medical College owns 1 innovation team of “Yangtze River Scholar and Development Plan of Innovation Team” of the Ministry of Education, 1 Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education, 9 national key clinical disciplines of Ministry of Health, 2 national pharmacological bases for  clinical trials, 1 clinical medicine postdoctoral research station. Since 12th Five-Year, the national level projects undertaken by the Ministry of medicine increase year by year, steadily grow in scientific research funds. From 2011-2013, approved research projects of Department of Medicine reach 1650, contract funds 206 million CNY; in 2014, Nanchang University acquires 208 National Natural Science Fund Projects (ranking twenty-eighth among the universities throughout the country), among which Nanchang University Jiangxi Medical College accounts for 100 projects. A number of significant research achievements emerge, scientific and technological incentives improves greatly in quality and quantity.

7. Communication and Cooperation

Nanchang University Jiangxi Medical College attaches great importance to international exchange and cooperation. It has established lasting relationships with top ranking universities or research institutions in more than 20 countries or regions. 

Nanchang University Jiangxi Medical College adheres to the concept of international education, make efforts in international education, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation with foreign colleges and universities. Jiangxi Medical College Schools is committed to the cultivation of excellent talents with international vision through the introduction of foreign high-quality educational resources, the creation of international joint training programs and carrying our student exchanges of long and short term.



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