Nanjing Polytechnic Institute

Why Study at Nanjing  Polytechnic Institute, China

Brief Introduction

Nanjing Polytechnic Institute, is located in Chinese ancient city, Nanjing. It is a general higher educational institutions supervised by Jiangsu government and provincial Education Bureau. In 2007, it became one of the first 10 Jiangsu province demonstration vocational colleges, and recognized as National key vocational colleges in 2014. The school motto “ Teaching the Socialist Vocational Education for Satisfying Students, Rooting in Chemical Engineering, Serving for Regional Economy” drives every faculty to cultivate all rounded high quality talents for society development.


Nanjing Polytechnic Institute is proud of its long history as an institute of further technical education. Nanjing Polytechnic Institute was founded in 1958 by merging the former Nanjing Yongli Chemical Engineering Technical School, Nanjing Chemical Engineering College, and Nanjing Chemical Engineering Vocational College. In 2015, it was formally renamed as Nanjing Polytechnic Institute.

2. Discipline and Programs

Nanjing Polytechnic Institute covers a total area of 740 mu. The University has 10 colleges and schools(chemical engineering and materials college, biology and environment college, intelligent manufacturing college, electrical an control college, aviation and automobile college, information engineering college, economics and management college, architecture and arts design college, further education college and international education college), 14 teaching units and close to 11000 students including overseas students, and undergraduates. Now, it forms the professional structure focused on engineering, and integrated in the multidisciplinary development of  economics, arts, management and arts, and covered 46 programs. 

3. Academic Facilities and Scientific Research

Nanjing Polytechnic Institute boasts a good number of prominent and learned scholars. Of 624 faculty and  419 professional teachers, there are more than 82% hold Masters and Doctors degrees, including 6 national chemical engineering excellent teachers, 3 excellent higher education teachers in Jiangsu province, 21 school level excellent teachers. Since 2011, it added 3 projects in “6 Talents Peak”, 10 talents from Jiangsu province “333 High-Level Talents Training Projects”, 12 teachers from “Qinglan Engineering” Excellent Young Teachers Project, 2 teachers from Nanjing “321 Talents”. Now, it has constructed five-stage teachers development in sci-tech pioneers, excellent teachers, professional programs leaders, backbone teachers and new teachers. There are 5 national key construction programs covered 23 programs, 4 provincial key programs, 7 Jiangsu featured programs. In 2015, Fine Chemical Engineering Technology and Chemical Engineering Equipment Technology awarded the title of “Jiangsu Higher Education Institute Brand Programs” , and even awarded over 10 million rmb financial construction funds. At present, it has 225 national and provincial labs, practice centers and bases. 

4.Great Achievement

Nanjing Polytechnic Institute has awarded 2 national teaching achievements, 8 provincial teaching achievements, 2 excellent national programs, 8 excellent provincial programs. In  2016, it ranked top 1 in the provincial natural funds programs. There are 1293 patents, including 473 authorized patents and 56 invention patents, 2 PCT international patents. It published 500 more professional papers in SCI, EI and other key journals in 3 years and awarded 33 above provincial teaching and scientific research achievements, which contained 1 prize of 4th Chinese Chemical Engineering Education and Research Achievement”

5. Communication and International Cooperation

Nanjing Polytechnic Institute expands its global impact by a close communication with foreign universities and institutes. It is the only member of EVBB in China, one of the Chinese member of CCID. Depending on the two platforms of Petrochemical Engineering Vocational Education’s International Communication and Training Base, and NPI-Magdeburg(Germany)Overseas Training Centers, it is active for providing international communication and training for national petrochemical engineering vocational institutes, it has builds a partnership with over 40 famous universities and high level research institutes from over 17 countries like Canada, Ireland and Netherlands. From 2013, it began admitted overseas students. There are  235 international students now, which ranks top level in Jiangsu province. In 2013, it awarded the honor of “Excellent Jiangsu International Education Communication Institute”, and “Advanced Institute for Study in China”. In 2016, it even approved as the “Target Institute for Study Abroad in Jiangsu”.

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