Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology

Overseas Students at Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology, China

Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology offers the international students from 30 countries a colorful campus life. They are encouraged by the college to join the celebration for Chinese traditional and important western festivals. The college also organizes students to attend university sports games, and take them to visit China scenic sports and historical sites. 

Dreams can be realized through passions, and the future can be created through challenges. With the national “challenge cup” competition as the flagship, our university regularly holds such activities as the annual Competition of Extracurricular Academic Works of Science and Technology, the Competition of Entrepreneurial Plans and the “Whimsy” Patent Promotion Month, which have created a strong atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship. 
During social practice, students of our university traveled all over China. Social practice has become an important platform for students of our university “to receive education, accumulate talents and make contribution”. Practical activities of students are diversified, from voluntary aid to the education in less-developed regions to volunteers at the World Expo, and from exploring the road of the Long March to visiting the navy. Based on long-term accumulation, our university began to carry out the credit system of social practice in 2008, and formally incorporate social practice into the system of practical teaching. Our practical activities have not only benefited students and made achievements, but also created characteristic brands and aroused the attention of media. These activities have not only tempered and enhanced the overall quality of students of our university, but also given full play to their excellent spirit and outlooks. 
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