Nankai University

Overseas Students at Nankai University, China

Nankai University has a long history and experience of training international students, starting from the year of 1954, there were more than 10,000 international students studied on campus. Now 1,048 foreign students are studying at Nankai for degree programs. Nankai has established a cooperative relationship with more than 200 universities all over the world, and has an active student exchange program with a few of them. Nankai University currently accepts 180 exchanges students every year. Nankai University has always been devoted to providing the most comfortable learning and living environment for international students in every respect. The attention to foreign students’ needs makes their experience at Nankai both familiar with respect to the academic environment and memorable because of the unique experience they take away after having spent time experiencing Chinese culture first hand.

To help international students overcome language difficulties, Nankai offers various Chinese language training courses. They are available in the College of Chinese Language and Culture of Nankai University. Further, for those students who are interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Chinese Language, you may contact the college directly.

The Chinese Ministry of Education provides an array of government scholarships for outstanding foreign students. There are a considerable number of scholarship recipients studying at Nankai University now. International undergraduate and graduate students at Nankai University can apply for the Nankai University Excellent International Student Scholarship. The university is currently trying to arrange even more scholarships and financial support opportunities for international students.


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