Medical Degree Program in China - Natural Products Chemistry

Natural Products Chemistry is a science that takes various organisms as the research objects and studies the extraction, isolation, structure, function, biosynthesis, chemical synthesis and modification and application of biological secondary metabolite based on organic chemistry, by means of chemical and physical methods, which is the basic research of the development and utilization of biological resources. The purpose is hoping to obtain prevention and treatment drugs to cure the serious diseases for human health, medical and agricultural antibiotic, develop pesticides with high efficiency and low toxicity and plant growth hormones and other substances that have economic value.

Natural Products Chemistry is the basis of phytochemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, biochemistry, chemical agriculture; it is closely related with biology, pharmacology and agronomic disciplines. Its achievements can be widely used in medicine, food, light industry, chemical industry and other fields.

2024 Admission is opening !

Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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