Medical Degree Program in China - Nautical Medicine

1. Introduction

Nautical Medicine studies various medical problems under the condition of navigation, an edge subject of medical science and navigation technology, and it is the concrete application of medical science under the condition of navigation. The knowledge and technology of all these disciplines can be transplanted to the civil field, if combined with civil conditions. Therefore, modern nautical medicine includes military and civil, surface and underwater medical problems that occur in the course of navigation.

2. Main Contents

Nautical medicine studies physiological and psychological reactions, pathological changes, disease occurrence, epidemic regularity, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of marine workers under various surface and underwater environmental conditions, to make marine workers adapt to the environment in the navigation process to keep healthy, enhance physical fitness, improve work efficiency, successfully complete the mission and provide medical technical support for the seafaring. Therefore, marine medicine, from the focus of its tasks, belongs to the category of preventive medicine.

3. Range

Ship sanitation, focusing on role and influence of various environmental factors - high temperature, high humidity, noise, vibration, lighting, harmful gas and toxic substances in the microwave, radiation, shock wave on the body of the rules, and it is to study the formulation of health protection measures.

Ship epidemic prevention, focusing on the epidemic regularity of infectious diseases in the dock, the ship, the crew, and the factors influencing and disinfection, insecticide, rodenticide, wash cancellation technique, and develop a variety of management measures to infectious disease epidemic prevention.

Medical care for seafarers, focusing on research and navigational conditions related to psychological status and idiopathic disease, the pathogenesis of diseases, common diseases, (such as nausea, gastrointestinal function element chaotic, lumbocrural pain, skin disorders), clinical manifestations and diagnostic methods and preventive measures suitable for performing the task under sailing conditions, at the same time, study and formulate the medical selection, physical examination standard, health examination, individual and collective health, nutrition, health, cooking health, hygiene supervision of food and drinking water, health maintenance, clothing hygiene, sewage disposal, emergency rations water reserves, values on duty, safe operation, lifestyle and other regulations on the crew.

From human - machine - environment system and efficiency perspective, put forward various hygiene design requirements or standards, to improve the living and working environment, improve work efficiency, to better achieve the health care purpose. This requires the marine medical department, the ship and equipment design and construction departments to combine closely.


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