Medical Degree Program in China - Neurosurgery

 1. Introduction

Neurosurgery is a branch of surgery, studying damage, inflammation, tumor, malformation and some genetic metabolic disorders or disorders of the human nervous system, such as the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerve system, and the related subsidiary bodies, such as the skull, scalp, brain blood vessels, meninges taking surgery as the main treatment means, using unique neurosurgery research methods, such as etiology and pathogenesis of epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, neuralgia, etc. and to explore new diagnosis, treatment, prevention technology, which is of high technology.
2. Attending Scopes
Neurosurgery focuses on brain, spinal cord diseases caused by traumatic, such as life-threatening cerebral hemorrhage and traumatic brain injury caused by traffic accident, or surgical treatment is needed for brain tumor oppression, etc.
3. Pediatric Neurosurgery
Pediatric neurosurgery mainly cures brain hemisphere tumor, pulp neuroblastoma, room tube membrane tumor, third ventricle tumors, tumor of the pineal gland, cranial pharyngeal duct tumor, tumors of the skull base, and intramedullary tumors, spinal and spinal tumors, including congenital brain water, spinal cord and spinal membrane bulging, spinal tethered syndrome, cerebellar tonsillar hernia deformity, cranial sutures closing early, various congenital craniofacial deformity.
4 Nursing 
(1) To strengthen the psychological care
(2) Closely observe vital signs
(3) To do a good job of respiratory tract care
(4) To strengthen the diet nursing and nutrition support
(5) To early detect signs of gastrointestinal bleeding
(6) On the nursing of indwelling gastric tube
(7) The nursing measures on stress ulcer
(8) To strengthen basic nursing
5. Common Supplies
Pure titanium skull lock, pure titanium skull repairing material, repairing nail, medical adhesive, hemostatic gauze, medical sodium hyaluronate, bone wax, open circuit drill bit, silica gel drainage tube, brain ventricle shunt tube and peritoneal shunt tube
6. The Latest Treatment
The best technology used in the current neurosurgical treatment of disease is a robot brain stereotactic technique, stereotactic surgery applies principle of three-dimensional geometry coordinate to establish brain coordinates and orientation device installed in the skull, the coordinate system is established and the localization of target brain structures, import the surgical operator (such as microelectrode, needle biopsy, damaged needle, etc.) into the target point. The stereotaxis is subdivided into: stereotactic surgery, stereotactic radiotherapy, and stereotactic photodynamic therapy.

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