Ningbo University of Technology

Overseas Students at Ningbo University of Technology, China

Ningbo University of Technology is qualified to admit international students to study Bachelor degree programs in English here. At present, there are 87 international students enrolled here. Ningbo University of Technology is equipped with qualified faculty who are experienced in international student management and faculty members will take care of every international student studying here. International students enjoy a harmonious relationship with each other on campus.

 Extensive international cooperation has been established at Ningbo University of Technology to absorb foreign advanced experience and bring into full play the foreign-oriented operational features. In 1984, a partnership was reached with Aachen University of Applied Sciences, making the University one of the four Sino-German cooperated universities nationwide. In 2011, Ningbo University of Technology and Delaware State University, USA, had cooperatively set up English-taught Dual Degree Accounting Program, which promoted the university’s international standard to a high level. Besides, educational cooperation has been set up with universities in UK, Sweden, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Canada, etc. 



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