North University of China

Overseas Students at North University of China

Every year, North University of China (NUC) has approximately 65 international students from all over the world studying for bachelor degree, postgraduate and doctoral degree programs. The College of International Education (CIE) was founded in 2013, in accordance with the international development strategy of the North University of China, to undertake educational tasks of Experimental Class of International Education, overseas students, and students of international exchange programs. CIE is designed to construct an international education platform integrating international curriculum, faculty, students, and educational resources, meet the needs of local economic society development, and train high-level professional personnel possessing international vision, consciousness of innovation, good knowledge of international rules, and abilities to participate in international affairs and competition.

In 2014, to the domestic students, CIE opened its first degree program --- Mechanical Design, Manufacture & Automation, featuring in internationally accepted curriculum system, English teaching materials, English-taught courses, small classes and elite education. In 2015, the plan of Experimental Class of International Education was initiated. Outstanding freshmen were recruited to form experimental classes in Electronic Information Engineering in 2015 and Visual Communication Design in 2016. A special training program is being carried out, which emphasizes high integration of specialized knowledge and foreign language proficiency, aiming to broaden students’ professional thinking and international vision so as to enhance their intercultural communication competence and international competitiveness.



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