Northwest A&F University

Overseas Students at Northwest A&F University, China

The history of foreign student education in Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University can be traced back to 1940s. Since 2007, Northwest A&F University has a total enrollment of 569 foreign students from 44 countries, students mainly from Pakistan, Vietnam, Egypt, Bangladesh, the United States, Canada, South Korea, Australia, Japan and other countries.

In 2014, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University enrolled a total of 163 foreign students, the number was increased by 37% compared with 2013, there were nearly 300 students from five continents and 30 countries studying at Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University in the whole year.

At present, there are 170 foreign students in the school, degree students accounted for 95% of the proportion of foreign students. Among them, there are 118 doctoral students, 43 graduate students, 1 undergraduate, 5 special exchange students in Brazil, 3 professional students.

Generally, all students from International School live and study at South Campus.

Campus events are usually hold in Xiu-Shan Students Venue Centre in North and South Campus.  Now, Xiu-Shan Students Venue is an important place for campus events such as exhibition, concert, gala and conferences.

Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University provides convenient sports facilities to students. Across the campuses, there are 12 tennis courts, 1 indoor stadium, 2 outdoor stadiums, 1 arena for volleyball and basketball, 2 outdoor swimming pools, 48 outdoor basketball courts, 28 outdoor volleyball courts, several badminton courts and 143 outdoor tables for Ping-Pong. Tennis is popular across the campus and tennis championships are held every year. A&F also supports College Students Basketball and Volleyball Team to gain reputation in CUBA (Chinese University Basketball Association) and CUVA (Chinese University Volleyball Association).



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