Northwestern Polytechnical University

Why Study at Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

Brief Introduction 

Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) is located in ancient capital city of Xi'an. Northwestern Polytechnical University is a research-oriented, multi-disciplinary, and international university of science and technology, which simultaneously excels at aeronautics, astronautics, and marine technology. Northwestern Polytechnical University is the key university in the national 985 Project and 211 Project. The university is affiliated with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and is a member of “Outstanding University Alliance” in China.

(1). History 

Northwestern Polytechnical University was originally established in 1938 in Hanzhong as the State Northwest Institute of Engineering by combining Beiyang Institute of Engineering, Engineering College of Peking University, Engineering College of Northeast University and Jiaozuo Institute of Engineering. After staying in Hanzhong for eight years, the institute moved to Xianyang and was renamed Northwest Institute of Engineering in 1950.

Northwest Institute of Engineering moved to Xi’an in October 1957 and merged with Xi’an Institute of Aeronautics which was founded in 1952 as East China Institute of Aeronautics by combining Aeronautical Department of Jiaotong University, Aeronautical Department of Zhejiang University and Aeronautical Department of Central University. In 1957, Northwest Institute of Engineering was officially renamed Northwestern Polytechnical University. Later in 1970, the Department of Aeronautics of Harbin Institute of Engineering joined with Northwestern Polytechnical University.

(2). Discipline and programs 

Northwestern Polytechnical University has 16 academic schools, offering 58 undergraduate programs, 122 postgraduate programs, 70 doctoral programs, and 16 postdoctoral programs. It also offers programs in English medium to international students. As of February 2014, the school has two first class national key disciplines, seven second class national key disciplines, 2 2 National Key Cultivation disciplines. It ranks the ESI world's top 1% in materials science, engineering, chemistry. 

(3). Academic facilities and Scientific research 

Northwestern Polytechnical University covers an area of 5100 acres, 1200 for Youyi Campus and 3900 for Chang’an Campus. Northwestern Polytechnical University has 1 National Demonstration Base for International Technology Cooperation, 6 State Key Laboratories, 2 State Engineering Centers, 33 Provincial Key Labs and 21 Provincial Engineering Research Centers. There are more than 3,500 faculties, including over 1,700 full and associate professors in Northwestern Polytechnical University. 

Since 11thFive-year-Plan, the university has taken over 10,000 researches, including state key projects, weapons and equipment model project, national defense research and pre-research plan, State 863 and 973 plan, NSFC projects etc. The funds increase every year, among the top ones in China. During this period, the university has obtained 304 national and provincial science and technology awards, including 2 Second Prizes of State Natural Science Award, 8 Second Prizes of State Technological Invention Award, 3 First Prizes, 8 Second Prizes of National Science and Technology Progress Award, together with 173 National Defense Technology Awards and 100 Shaanxi Technology Awards. The authorized invention patents reach to 2184. 6244 articles have been published by SCIE. Among the 16 National Special Projects of Science and Technology, NPU has participated in the demonstration and scientific researches about 10 major projects such as Large Aircraft, High-end General Chips, manned space flight, Lunar exploration project, etc. Moreover, the university has undertaken in-depth various tasks in researching and developing aeronautic, astronautic and marine models, especially in such national major projects as Liaoning Aircraft Carrier, new fighter aircrafts, Beidou Satellite and Shenzhou series of spacecrafts, for which it was highly commended as one of the two universities that made contributions for the first manned spaceflight by China Manned Space Engineering Office. At the National Day military parade for 60thanniversary, the 3 models of UAV in phalanx of UAV are all produced by Northwestern Polytechnical University. All in all, Northwestern Polytechnical University has made a great contribution for China's National Defense.

(4). Great achievements 

For more than 70 years, Northwestern Polytechnical University has been making tremendous achievements adhering to school motto "Broadness, Honesty, Bravery, and Persistence", and the spirit of "solid foundation, earnest work, plain attitude, and innovative spirit". NPU has been well recognized as a key base for high-level talents cultivation, scientific researches and innovation, and rewarded “the National Civilized Unit” and “the National Labor medal”. NPU is the birthplace of the first doctors in 6 disciplines, and the first SUAV, ground effect vehicle, AUV and on-board spacecraft computer in China. In 1960 it was approved as state key university; it became among the top ones of the 15 best universities by state 7thand 8thFive-year-plan. In 9th Five-year-plan it was approved into 211 Project, and 10th Five-year-plan 985 Project. Northwestern Polytechnical University is one of the first universities establishing graduate school and the national university science park and now equipped with Northwest Institute of Industrial Technology and China's top UAV Research and Development Base.

(5). Communication and international cooperation 

Northwestern Polytechnical University has established cooperation with over 100 universities, enterprises and institutes from different countries like U.S.A, UK, Germany, France, Russia and Japan, etc. NPU has joined in the University Association with Finland, Spain, Belarus and Russia, and is a representative university for “National Overseas Program for Postgraduates”, “National Overseas Program for Outstanding Undergraduates” and “National Government-Sponsored Programs for Postgraduates”. Northwestern Polytechnical University has launched cooperation programs with INSA-Lyon in France, VUB in Belgium, University of Leicester in England, New Mexico State University and University of Michigan in the US, and Braunschweig Technical University in German, etc. Since 1996, the university started enrolling overseas students, with the independent recruitment qualification for “the Chinese Government Special Scholarship for University Graduate Students” and the number has exceeded one thousand in 2014. Northwestern Polytechnical University has 3 National Institutional Discipline Innovation Bases, 1 State International Software Talents Training Base, and 42 Sino-foreign research institutions. It has invited over 200 well-known international experts, scholars and professors as honorary professors or visiting professors for Northwestern Polytechnical University, including Nobel Prize Winners Tsung Dao Lee and Harold Walter Kroto, among whom 7 foreign experts won National Friendship Award.



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