Medical Nursing Degree Program in China - Nursing Study

1. Introduction

Nursing is a comprehensive applied science based on natural science and social science theory to study nursing theory, knowledge, skills and the development rules of maintaining, promoting and restoring the human health. It is an independent subject in medical science. The nursing includes natural science, such as biology, physics, chemistry, anatomy, physiology and so on. Nursing is a discipline that requires strong skills, requires students to practice, to have manipulative ability; the most important is to be able to bear hardships and stand hard work, to serve the patients.

2. Influencing Factors

Factors of nurse team

Development of science and technology

Changes in population structure

Changes in health needs of different groups

The influence of the consumer movement and the reform of medical service system

Change of medical model

3. Development Trends

Nursing practice

Nursing education

Nurse training

4. Training Objectives

Mainly study related humanities and social science knowledge and the basic theoretical knowledge of medical foundation, preventive care, receiving the basic theory, basic knowledge of nursing and basic training of clinical nursing skills. Senior specialized personnel are equipped with the basic knowledge of the humanities and social science, prevention and health care and the basic theory knowledge and skills of nursing, engaged in clinical care, preventive care, nursing management, nursing education and nursing research.

5. Main Subjects

Ethics, Psychology, Nursing

6. Major Courses

human anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, medical ethics, psychology, diagnosis basis, therapeutics, health assessment, nursing science basis, internal medicine nursing (including infectious disease nursing), surgical nursing, obstetrics and gynecology nursing, pediatric nursing, emergency nursing, rehabilitation nursing, community nursing, gerontological nursing, nursing psychology, mental nursing.

7. Practice Teaching

Including clinical comprehensive practice, community practice, writing papers, and the general arrangement is no less than 36 weeks.

8. Employment Direction

Student employment is mainly distributed in all levels of various types of general hospitals, specialized hospitals, emergency centers, rehabilitation centers, community medical service centers, and engaged in clinical nursing, nursing management.

9. Employment Prospects

Domestic direction:

The WHO of the member countries health personnel resources statistics show that many countries are in short supply of nursing personnel. In our country, the number of nurses is not enough, the proportion of health care is a serious imbalance. In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of health, the proportion of doctors and nurses in the hospital of our country is 1:2, the proportion of important department doctors and nurses should be 1:4. And the the national proportion of 1:0.61 doctors and nurses is far less than the requirements of the Ministry of health, and is differ greatly with the international level of 1:2.7 , and is far greater. With the proportion of 1:8.5 in developed countries 

International direction:

With the increasing demand of nursing staff in the international medical market, "nurse shortage" phenomenon has become increasingly prominent in the medical interface of various countries. The next 10 years, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and other countries in the world will be in urgent need of 200 million nursing personnel. Therefore, the nurse with a profound professional knowledge, high comprehensive quality and fluent in the international exchange of language has the very broad in the international employment, development prospects 


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