Medical Degree Program in China - Ophthalmology ( Ophthalmic Specialty )

 1. Introduction

Ophthalmology is a specialized subject that studies the occurrence, development and prevention and treatment of human visual organ diseases. It has strong professional characteristics, but it also has a wide contact with other clinical disciplines and basic medical disciplines. Research scope of ophthalmology includes physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, pathology, immunology, genetics of eyes, and various kinds of special examination and microsurgical techniques of eyes.
2. Discipline Scope
Visual signal generation and transmission, visual function evaluation of visual signal generation and development. Ocular diseases (including disease of the eyelid, conjunctiva disease, tears for disease, corneal disease, disease of sclera, uvea disease, crystal disease, glaucoma, vitreous retinal disease, depending on the road diseases, refractive error and adjustment disorder, orbital disease, ocular trauma and systemic disease in ocular manifestations) causes, pathogenesis, epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment and prevention 
3. Main Courses
Basic theory: medical statistics, medical literature retrieval and utilization, computer application, clinical research and design, immunology, medical genetics, neurobiology, molecular biology, pathology, pharmacology, oncology, laboratory animal science, visual physiology.
Professional courses: ophthalmology related disciplines: surgery, internal medicine (cardiovascular disease, endocrine and metabolic diseases), neurology, otorhinolaryngology, pharmacology, genetics, pathology, physiology, anatomical and histology and embryology, immunology, oncology.

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