Medical Degree Program in China - Optometry

 1. Introduction

Optometry is an emerging interdisciplinary to solve the visual impairments through the combination of modern optical technology and modern ophthalmology, the use of modern optics principle and technology. The program takes optics, drugs, surgery and psychological means to improve and promote clear and comfortable vision, to protect healthy eyes. But the most important is to solve the visual impairment using optical technology. The subject characteristic of the visual optics is the clinical, scientific research and teaching in the aspects of physiology, pathology and optics related to human vision.

2. Research Directions

Optometry focuses on visual research, including the basics and clinical research of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, amblyopia, low vision, optical lenses, corneal contact lens, the refractive surgery and other visual correction. In conclusion, it is to solve the common problems of visual eyes.

3. Related Disciplines

Optometry is the starting point and the end point of ophthalmology, and the relationship between them has been the main object of medical research in the ophthalmology. Optometry requires a professional study of the anatomy structure and the refractive system of the eye, on this basis to understand the principles of medical physics of the eye, and then to learn why the eye can see clearly and how to see things clearly and more comfortably.

The anatomy of the eye is very important, especially for the fitting and review of corneal contact lens, and the important is the cornea. The reason is that the physiology of the cornea determines the importance of its optics. To ensure the transparency of the cornea and the refractive degree of the cornea itself, the histological structure of the cornea should be guaranteed to meet the physiological requirements.

4. Glasses to Wear

1) Preparation for optometry

2) The process of optometry

3) Prescription

4) Suggestions for wearing glasses


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