Medical Degree Program in China - Oral Anatomy and Physiology

 1. Introduction

In oral medicine, Oral Anatomy and Physiology is a professional basic course, which lays a necessary morphological foundation for other professional basic courses and clinical courses. Oral anatomy and physiology belongs to the category of bridging discipline.
2. Research Scope
Including three parts: anatomy of tooth and dental arch and occlusal, oral and maxillofacial and neck anatomy, oral physiology; a discipline studying morphology and structure of human oral, maxillofacial and neck, especially tooth normal morphology, occlusal relationship, development rules and oral physiological function.
3. Task
To clarify the hierarchical relationship between the human oral and maxillofacial and neck, the morphology and structure of the various organs and their adjacent organs and to combine the clinical application closely, to lay a necessary morphological foundation for further professional courses of stomatology.
4. Perspectives and Methods
 (1) Combine theory with practice
 (2) Establish a unified perspective of local and overall
 (3) View of the interrelation between morphology and function
 (4) View of dynamic development

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Wenzhou Medical University

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