Medical Degree Program in China - Orthodontics

 1. Introduction

Orthodontics is a branch of oral medicine, having a close relationship with other oral disciplines, and extensive contacts with the general subjects of basic medicine and biology. Its content is the study of pathogenesis, diagnostic analysis and its prevention and treatment of maloulusion, which refers to the genetic factors of congenital or acquired environmental factors during children’s growth and development.
2. Content
Such as diseases, bad oral habits, abnormal in mixed dentition causing deformity of teeth, jaws, craniofacial, such as gum arrangement being not neat, abnormal jaw relation between the upper and lower teeth, and the abnormal size and shape of the jaw position, the abnormal mechanisms is the incongruity of number of teeth and amount of bone, teeth and jaws, upper and lower teeth, upper and lower teeth jaws, jaw and craniofacial. Therefore, the concept of the modern malocclusion not only refers to the teeth displacement and the arrangement being not neat, but also refers to various kinds of deformities caused by the uncoordinated jaw and maxillofacial. WHO defines malocclusion as “handicapping dentofacial anomaly", which not only affects the appearance, but also affects the function.

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