Medical Degree Program in China - Pathophysiology

Pathophysiology is one of the basic medical theories, and it is also a bridge between basic medical courses and clinical courses. Its mission is the study of disease occurrence and the causes and conditions, research in the process of the disease of the ill body function and metabolism of the dynamic changes and mechanism, thus revealing disease occurrence, development and prognosis of rules, clarify the disease nature, for the prevention and control of diseases provide theoretical basis.

Pathophysiology is based on physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology, immunology, pathology and biophysics. Main task of pathophysiology is the study of disease etiology, pathogenesis and disease organism metabolism and function change, so as to provide theoretical and experimental basis for the prevention and control of diseases, medical teaching in a important basic course. Pathophysiology is the theoretical basis for understanding the disease and the prevention and treatment of diseases. It is a bridge between basic medicine and clinical medicine.

The content of pathophysiology can be divided into three parts, namely, the introduction of the disease, the basic pathological process and the pathophysiology of the system. The contents of the introduction of the disease are about the general regularity of various diseases, such as the causes and conditions of the disease, the disorder and its regulation of the steady state regulation during the disease, the prognosis of the disease and so on. The basic pathological process refers to the different organs and systems that may appear in many different diseases common, complete sets of pathological changes, such as water, electrolyte and acid-base balance disorder, hypoxia, fever, inflammation and spread of intravascular coagulation and shock. 

One of the main contents of each systematic pathophysiology is many diseases of each system may appear some common pathophysiological changes in its process of development, such as heart failure of cardiovascular system, respiratory failure of respiratory system, hepatic encephalopathy and jaundice of hepatobiliary system, urinary renal failure. Many human body systems, such as nervous system, blood system, immune system, skeletal system, and so on, the pathophysiology can not list one by one. As for the changes of every kind of disease and special rules, although it belongs to range of pathophysiology, but there are too many kinds of diseases and class hours are limited, so many pathophysiology problems of specific disease will respectively discussed in the relevant subject, especially clinical textbook, or reference to the detailed monographs. 


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